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"Lola Cep is ‘a flamingo amongst the pigeons,'” says producer Jerry Leider, "or so she thinks. I think every teenager is struggling with a balance – trying to stand out, to be the best person they can be, but at the same time, trying to be cool and fit in. When you're living it, it seems like every situation you face every day is life-or-death.”

"I instantly related to Lola,” says Lindsay Lohan, who stars. Lohan last starred in last summer's smash hit, Disney's "Freaky Friday.” "And the thing that got me interested in this movie is that I felt that others would relate to it, too. This movie really tells it like it is, about how girls are in school and what really goes on.”

"This story is going to hit home with teens,” says Leider. "The title is hilarious, but it's also a perfect description of what life is like when you're sixteen or seventeen years old – I think that this story is something that every kid can relate to. This is a story about a girl who learns that it's important to dream big, but to work toward those dreams in realistic ways.”

Making her studio feature film debut as a director is Wales native Sara Sugarman, who producer Robert Shapiro calls "the Welsh version of Lola. She has a unique way of looking at life. Sara is a free spirit, a force of nature.”

"I guess I am like Lola,” says Sugarman. "When I got the job to direct this film, I had to just jump in and trust myself without questioning, ‘Can I really do this?' I just went with my instincts and stuck to them, like Lola does.”

Leider and Shapiro chose Sugarman after seeing her last film, "A Very Annie Mary,” starring Jonathan Pryce and Rachel Griffiths, which she made in Wales. "Sara had some very creative ideas about how to take the script and elevate it further. She became part of the team,” says Leider.

"I wanted to direct a teen film, and had read quite a few of them, but hadn't found the right one. This one was well-written, in a way that most of them aren't. It just had a great message of ‘grab life, make the most of every situation.' Lola is a kid who isn't perfect, but in spite of everything, she's true to herself, and by the end of the film, she's the best Lola she can be.”

"Sara is awesome – she's so much fun,” says Lohan. "She's like a little kid – she brings her great imagination to everything she does. And the fact that she was an actress before becoming a director makes the set a better place to be – she understands the process that actors go through. She knows when to walk away and when to push. We work well together.”

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