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About The Story
For Golden Globe and Emmy nominee Ashley Judd, portraying a strong woman like Jessica, with ambition, drive and enough tenacity to succeed in a man's world, was an opportunity she couldn't pass up. The interesting dynamics of the character — Jessica not only has learned to operate in a man's world, but also she has learned to be on par with men both physically and psychologically — especially drew the actress to the role.

"I think the concept is amazing, the writing has great pizzazz and the story is absolutely captivating — just like Jessica herself,” Judd says enthusiastically about her character, who has no qualms about freely expressing both her sensuality and sexuality. "This is definitely not your classic 'woman in danger' movie. It has lots of twists, not to mention an incredibly well-rounded female lead who is ready to take on the sexual double standard and stand up to any man who challenges her. She's just fabulous, and I love how her toughness doesn't eclipse her vulnerability.”

Samuel L. Jackson, who portrays the police commissioner as well as a lather figure to Jessica, also liked the unpredictability of the story, and he was looking forward to working with a director the caliber of Philip Kaufman.

"I've admired Phil's work for a long time, and after seeing him in action, I can understand why his films are of such quality,” observes the Oscar® and Golden Globe-nominated actor. I think he took a great story and elevated it to a psychological thriller with an ending they'll never see coming.”

Known for his ability to adapt complicated plots and make them accessible to a broad audience, Philip Kaufman, who directed "The Unbearable Lightness of Being” and received an Oscar® nomination for his screenplay adaptation of Milan Kundera's best-selling novel, brought his directorial skills to the set of "Twisted.”

"This film has a sexually-charged complexity about it that makes it a very unique mystery,” observes Kaufman, referring to both the sophisticated plot and sensuality in the film. There are no stereotypes in terms of men and women, no clear paths leading to suspects and neither the audience nor the main character is sure who the killer is all the way up until the final few sequences.

Equally unaware of the murderer's identity as Jessica is, her partner Mike Delmarco, portrayed by Andy Garcia, is not clear of suspicion himself. Nominated for both an Oscar® and a Golden Globe for his role in "The Godfather: Part Ill,” Garcia relished the opportunity to work with Kaufman because of the rare quality the director's films have in their subject matter and character development.

"When my character is introduced to Jessica, you can instantly feel the strong physical connection and the respect these two have for each another,” says Garcia. "You know that they're going to cover each other's back. Even when the evidence starts leaning toward Jessica's guilt, it's Mike who never sways from his belief in her innocence. She's his partner and he stands by her.”

Director Kaufman feels that onscreen chemistry between Judd and Garcia was essential, and that the two actors definitely had it in spades. "I was really pleased with the intensity of these two actors on camera, projecting tension. loyalty and even a heated physical attraction toward one another without compromising their efforts to find the killer.”

Academy Award®-winning producer Arnold Kopelson, and producer Anne Kopelson are delighted with all of their highly talented cast and feel each of the actors brings amazing depth to his or her role.

"Anne and I were thrilled that such topnotch actors were attracted to this film, and it has been a great experience working with all of them,” says Arnold Kopelson. "Not only were they great actors, but they were also extremely professional during the entire process.

Kopelson adds that Ashley Judd and Andy Garci

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