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"‘The Ladykillers' may kill you,” says two-time Academy Award® winner Tom Hanks, who teams up with Academy Award®-winning filmmakers Joel Coen & Ethan Coen for their hilarious new comedy, "The Ladykillers.” "Everybody out there is looking for an unpredictable film. This should be it.”

"We're very lucky to have Tom Hanks in this film,” notes Joel Coen. The filmmaker brothers' latest comedy is the story of the heist of the century that goes bust when the thieves get more than they bargained for from their old lady landlord. "It occurred to us that Tom, who is someone we've wanted to work with in the past, but not really knowing in what capacity, would be really interesting in this part. The fact that he hasn't made a comedy in a while made it even more special for us.”

"I'm not quite sure how we knew that Tom would be just right for the part – Dorr is very different than anything he's done in the past,” says Ethan Coen. "But as it turned out, I think we were right. His comic timing is perfect; He's as funny as he's ever been.”

It also helped that the part is a good one – with shades of the role made famous by Alec Guinness. The 1955 version of "The Ladykillers” starred Guinness as the mastermind (of sorts) whose caper plot goes bust when the unwitting old lady from whom they rent a room catches on. "Doing ‘The Ladykillers' is like interpreting ‘Richard III,'” says Hanks.

"A generation from now, everybody will be doing it. ‘The Ladykillers on Mars,'” jokes Ethan. "We really liked the original movie,” explains Ethan. "It's a strong story premise. It just has good bones. We ripped out the spine of it, kept that and threw out everything else. The specifics of the characters and the setting are all quite different from the original.”

"The idea of setting ‘The Ladykillers' in the South and making the old lady be a southern Baptist church lady was the original starting off point for us,” explains Joel.

"Their taste is unique,” says Tom Hanks of the writer-directors. "They somehow latch onto odd ideas that they find entertaining. But since they both have an incredible sense of storytelling, their story ends up completely different from any other movie out there, but also just as entertaining to audiences as it is to them.”

Besides the title and the basic premise, the 1955 film of "The Ladykillers” is connected to the Coen brothers for another reason. "Interestingly enough,” reveals Joel, "the original ‘Ladykillers' was the source of a line in our very first movie, ‘Blood Simple.' When the detective shoots the bar owner, he says, ‘Who looks stupid now?' – one of the classic lines at the end of ‘The Ladykillers,' when the thug pulls the trigger on the empty gun.”

"It's kind of a classic bonehead gag,” says Ethan. "It all kind of fit somehow and comes full circle.”

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