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Nancy Meyers and Charles Shyer are known for making sophisticated, intelligent movies that are set in beautiful and detail-filled locations

Nancy Meyers and Charles Shyer are known for making sophisticated, intelligent movies that are set in beautiful and detail-filled locations ... in short, fantasy worlds.

"We actually wanted to create two different worlds," states writer/producer Charles Shyer. "One girl lives on a vineyard in Napa, California with wide open spaces. The other lives in the big city. What's the best big city in the world? To me, it's London.

"I would definitely live in London if I wasn't in the movie business," Shyer continues. "If you're going to write movies, you might as well put them in locations you want to visit."

"This is Hollywood at its best," says Natasha Richardson. "This is not the real world. This is a movie about people with dream jobs who live in dream locations. Elizabeth is English, so I have a butler and sit down for silver service tea everyday. I have a Bentley and a chauffeur and I live in this extraordinary house near Harrods. Elizabeth is a designer of wedding gowns. I can't think of anything more romantic than that."

To realize these fantasy worlds, Meyers and Shyer again turned to Academy Award¨ winning production designer Dean Tavoularis, with whom the couple previously worked on "I Love Trouble." Tavoularis, coincidentally, worked on the original "The Parent Trap" as an assistant at the beginning of his career.

"I think he's just the best production designer in the world, pure and simple," states Shyer. "Every idea he has is great, you can trust Dean, he's got impeccable taste."

"Dean Tavoularis is brilliant," agrees Meyers. "I feel really privileged to direct a movie that he designed. He's a great filmmaker and helped me in countless ways. For example, he doesn't just create the bedroom for Hallie, he creates her world. He helps you tell the story in every frame. He just makes everything better."

"We all agreed to make it a world that doesn't have problems," says Tavoularis about the look of the film. "There are always flowers and beautiful things. The environment is trouble-free, a fairy-tale kind of place. Charles and Nancy are very particular about every little item. All the detail is based on the premise of having everything look beautiful."

While the original film was primarily shot on stage, the filmmakers chose to shoot the majority of this film on location. Shooting took place in the summer and fall of 1997 beginning in London, before moving to California for location shooting in Napa Valley, San Francisco, the Lake Arrowhead area and Los Angeles.

Walt Disney Pictures' "The Parent Trap" began principal production in London on July 15, 1997. The crew filmed at several of London's most famous locations, including Buckingham Palace, Berkeley Square, Piccadilly Circus, Abbey Road, Bond Street, the Tower of London, St. Paul's Cathedral and Trafalgar Square before concluding their work in England at Shepperton Studios, where the interior of Elizabeth's townhouse was built on a soundstage.

"Nancy and Charles wanted to get a catalogue of great London shots," says Tavoularis. "When the little girl arrives in London, they pick her up and just assume she's coming home. But in reality, she is a little girl from California who has never been to London so she's got her head out the car window, taking in all the sights."

Tavoularis filled Elizabeth James' townhouse with antique f

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