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The Wardrobe

The filmmakers showed as much sophistication and attention to detail in selecting what the characters wore as they did to where the characters lived. To oversee the wardrobe, Meyers and Shyer looked to English costume designer Penny Rose.

"The attempt was to give Annie a quintessential English European neat, nicely presented daughter-you-could-be-proud-of look," explains Rose in her very British accent. The American twin, Hallie, is someone that Nancy and Charles felt should be hipper and more fashion conscious, based on their own 10-year-old daughter."

Annie's proper little English suits and the little "princess-y" clothes are based on garments by a company called David Charles, which typically dresses the children of European royalty. Hallie's casually expensive outfits come primarily from hip American stores found in the Los Angeles area.

For the Camp Walden scenes, outfitting almost 200 kids, most of whom had never been in a film before, was logistically challenging for everybody ... teachers, assistant directors, hair and make-up artists as well as the wardrobe department. "It was a giant circus every day," laughs Rose.

"We did the whole thing from scratch. We created our own camp based on the idea that if you send your child to camp, you get sent a clothing list and you pick what you want," says Rose. "In essence, that's exactly what we did. We created a giant shop where we had everything in every size and the kids, depending on their individual personalities, had what they wanted."

The Camp Walden 'closet' contained four styles of shorts, two styles of T-shirts, sweats in gray and green in three variations ... crew neck, zipped and hooded.

Elizabeth James was dressed mainly in designs by Alberto Ferretti with a few items by Prada.

"Dennis Quaid's wardrobe is from Armani, and Levi's; he wears jeans, black or blue, throughout the whole film. It just seems to suit Nick Parker's whole lifestyle," comments Rose.

Designer Richard Tyler dressed actress Elaine Hendrix. "His designs have hard, sharp lines ... it fits the sort of power-dressing professional that she's supposed to be," says Rose. "It worked very well as Meredith had to be in contrast to the soft, flowing, creamy thing that worked best for Natasha's character.

"Simon really is dressed completely traditionally ... except for his 'coming to America kit' which includes a fabulous black leather jacket. In his spare time, he rides a motorcycle, so he thinks it's hip," smiles Rose.

"For Chessy, I worked on the assumption that she's a nanny in the Napa Valley. So I dressed her from shops in St. Helena while we were on location in wine country."

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