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Production Information (Continued)
The Whole Ten Yards also reunites Willis and Perry with Amanda Peet, who earned a Blockbuster Entertainment Award nomination for her performance in the first film as incompetent novice assassin Jill, a young woman who idolized the infamous Jimmy The Tulip the way groupies follow rock stars. In the new story, Jill has married her hero hit man and is still trying to launch her own career as a contract killer with marginal success. Her targets tend to stumble out of windows and fall down elevator shafts before she can get to them and it's really starting to affect her confidence and possibly her marriage.

"Jill has a lot more zeal than talent,” Peet concedes. "That's what's fun about her.”

"Aside from being hilarious and charming, and very easy on the eyes,” Willis compliments his on-screen wife, "she always has good ideas and she uses everything. She'll crash into something and just keep going, right in character, and ultimately that might end up in the film.” 

Expanding his comments to the cast in general and to director Deutch, Willis says, "we would improvise and then go back and nail it down, decide whether it worked or not. At one point Amanda accidentally slammed the trunk of a car on my head and people on the set were concerned but we just kept going. I could go through the film now and point out which moments were scripted and which weren't but it all looks like it was meant to happen. When you put five or six funny people together like that they just come up with ideas, schtick, running gags. The same thing happened with The Whole Nine Yards.”  "It's interesting for me to see what's going on in each scene,” offers Deutch, who tries to maintain the dual perspectives of director and audience while filming. "I enjoy the dynamics: who's up, who's down, who's trying to kill whom, who's feeling sorry for himself and pouting and who's off creating mayhem, because those dynamics can shift within seconds depending on the situation, especially with these three. Not only with Bruce and Matthew, but also Amanda's energy. It's like a three-way tennis game with no net.”

Unbeknownst to Jimmy, Jill has maintained friendly contact with Oz and Cynthia during the past year, a fact Jimmy is not at all pleased to learn, especially since she's also been confiding in them about her domestic problems. "He's sweet and he tries to please,” says Peet about the retired hit man, "but it's not enough for Jill. She fell in love with a dangerous, charismatic tough guy gangster and she wants that guy back. She wants Jimmy to lose the apron and get back into the game. She's hoping it will revive their disappointing love life, which is kind of a touchy subject for him, so the more she pushes the more he resists – until the whole Gogolak gang shows up at the house and he has no other option.”

One of the original cast members everyone was eager to see again was Kevin Pollak. There was only one problem: the character he formerly played, Yanni Gogolak, was bumped off at the end of The Whole Nine Yards. But wait – why not bring Pollak back as Lazlo Gogolak, Yanni's ill-tempered old jailbird father? As Rifkin quips, "It's Hollywood – dead doesn't necessarily mean dead if you can finesse it.”

"It was Bruce who suggested we have him back by casting him as Yanni's father,” admits Deutch, who first worked with Pollak on Grumpier Old Men. "But for the record I'd like to take credit for that idea right now.” 

As producer David Willis recalls, "I told Kevin that we had good news and bad news…the good news was that we figured out a way for him to be in the sequel. The bad news was that he would need to have four hours' worth of prosthetic makeup applied every day in order to do it.”

"At first I thought, ‘wow, that's great,'” Pollak picks up the story, "because I was a little jealous initially when I heard they were all going to do a sequel. And I stared to fee

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