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For costume designer Rudy Dillon (Double Jeopardy), giving Lazlo and his gang their special style was the most fun. Their Old World mob look is combined with purposely sillier elements – loud belt buckles, garish colors – to make these marginally competent hooligans more goulash than groomed and certainly not the sophisticated, smooth operators they imagine themselves to be. 

More classic designs were selected for Willis' Jimmy and Perry's Oz. As a successful image-conscious dentist, Oz is appropriately dressed in an Armani suit and a Boss coat. Former world-class hit man Jimmy is a man with his own distinctive style. He favors pants that are all custom made with the slightly higher waistbands popular in the 1940s. His straw hat is copied from a vintage topper that Dillon personally owned and that captured Willis's attention during a preliminary meeting. It provides an unexpected accent to his overall tailored, stylish look.

As Jill, Amanda Peet's look is positively all-American, belying her somewhat unconventional nature. Wearing flowing sundresses and floral skirts, this wannabe hired gun suggests a girl-next-door quality that is subtly dressed down by the whimsical addition of boy-style sneakers – which is probably a good thing, as the story's pace requires Peet to do a fair amount of running.


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