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About The Twins

In the original film, there was little differentiation between sisters Susan Evers and Sharon McKenrick. For this version, the filmmakers thought it was important that Hallie Parker and Annie James be distinctive from each other.

"Hallie is more slang ... she's hip. She's like me!" comments Lohan.

Playing Annie James was a bit more of a challenge for Lohan. The character was raised in London, therefore, Lohan had to learn a credible English accent.

"I've always liked to play with accents. My manager called me and asked if I could do an English accent and I said, 'yeah, sure.' Then I hung up the phone and asked my mom 'what's an English accent?' But it came pretty natural for me because I had a good dialect coach."

Lohan had to learn other skills as well to play both roles convincingly. Hallie rides horses; Annie speaks French ... both girls fence. Unbeknownst to each other, however, both are cardsharks.

To teach Lindsay real time card tricks, Meyers and Shyer brought in master illusionist Michael Weber. In addition to numerous card tricks, Weber taught Lindsay two distinctive card-handling styles. "Hallie is more flashy in the way that she handles the deck: Annie is very proper and neat when shuffling," explains Lohan.

Lohan made time to be a kid while filming and managed to have a lot of fun in her unusual circumstance. She was giddy meeting Robin Williams on the Treasure Island set in San Francisco. In London, she also met Meg Ryan, Liam Neeson and Matt LeBlanc, star of one of her favorite television shows, "Friends." Lohan says shyly, "He's really nice."

As Walt Disney Pictures' "The Parent Trap" was filming at Abbey Road in London, Sir Paul McCartney was at work in the studio, putting the final touches to his newly composed symphonic poem, prior to its premiere at the Royal Albert Hall.


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