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About The Production
Pierce Brosnan, who has portrayed Agent 007 in the last four films of the wildly successful James Bond franchise, stars as celebrated New York divorce attorney Daniel Rafferty, a media darling who finds time to practice law in between writing legal books and appearing on the talk show circuit. Brosnan describes his character as a man who has been in the game a long time but who has lost interest in what he does. Rafferty only continues arguing cases because "he's very good at it,” says the actor. "And then, out of the blue, one day he goes into divorce court and he meets this other great attorney, Audrey Woods.”

Like Daniel, Audrey is at the top of her game. "She lives for work,” says four-time Oscar nominee Julianne Moore (The Hours, Far from Heaven, Boogie Nights), who plays Audrey. "She doesn't have much of a social life, and when she meets Daniel, he poses a real challenge to her.” 

Director Peter Howitt (Sliding Doors) agrees, noting, "It's a clash of opposites. They come from different schools of thought. Audrey Woods follows the rules and doesn't lose a case because she's so good. Daniel Rafferty comes along, and he is this forgetful, slightly Columbo-like slacker. But with him, what you see is not what you get.”

"Daniel is very laid back,” comments producer David T. Friendly. "The first time you see him he's asleep in the courtroom. Pierce can very convincingly play that kind of laconic presence, which nevertheless hides a cunning and acute intelligence.'

Both attorneys find themselves on opposite sides of a contentious divorce between a rock star (Michael Sheen) and his fiery fashion designer wife (Parker Posey). The bone of contention between the two is an Irish castle to which each thinks it rightfully belongs, which leads Audrey and Daniel to travel to Ireland to take depositions on behalf of their respective clients. 

"Ireland has a reputation and reason for being a wonderful, very beautiful and romantic country,” comments Julianne Moore. "I think there's an element of romanticism that Audrey and Daniel absorb while they're there.”

"They get sucked into a big Irish festival,” explains Peter Howitt, "when their resistance to each other is down, and their stuffy New York mentality, especially Audrey's, has been stripped away. They are brought to God's own earth, if you like, and none of the nonsense from the city stands for very much with the salty Irish folks.”

Without the armor of their jobs to come between them, Audrey and Daniel are swept up in the moment. "They start to connect to each other and react to each other as human beings, not lawyer to lawyer,” says Howitt. 

After a night of romance and drinking, Audrey and Daniel wake to find themselves married. "It's a dance between the two of them,” says Pierce Brosnan. "And it started from the first glance. Daniel's not going to let Audrey go until he wins her. These two people deal with miserable lives for a living, couples whose lives have fallen asunder, who have fallen out of love. And now they find themselves falling in love, knowing all the pitfalls of love and marriage. Yet, he's willing to fight for her.”

The experience "is quite good for the soul of their characters and the soul of their relationship,” comments Howitt. "Because when they get back to New York, they have bonded through this experience in Ireland.”

Rounding out the cast of Laws of Attraction is a diverse group of actors, led by Frances Fisher (Titanic), Parker Posey (Best in Show) and Michael Sheen (Underworld). 

Parker Posey plays fashion designer Serena, who is pitted against her soon-to-be ex-husband Thorne Jamison (Michael Sheen) – lead singer of rock band Thorne Jamison and The Needles. "Serena is either going to divorce Thorne or murder him,” says Posey. "But it's this passion that provides the emotional catalyst for the story. Everything abou


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