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About The Music
"Mean Girls” features an eclectic array of musical artists and diverse songs, ranging from the hip new singing sensation Katy Rose, and her hit song "Overdrive,” to Grammy nominee Blondie, and her classic rock song "One Way Or Another.”

Touted by Blender as "undisputedly the real deal,” and by Spin as a rock ingenue who "throws a better teenage riot than Liz Phair at her Avril-est,” Rose recently burst onto the music scene with her critically acclaimed debut album Because I Can. Now the provocative singer/song-writer has also turned her hit single "Overdrive” into a popular video that features scenes from "Mean Girls” and is currently in rotation on MTV's "TRL” as well as other music video programs.

In addition, the electronica/hip-hop rock band Boomkat, led by singer/songwriter Taryn Manning, sings a remake of Blondie's "Rip Her to Shreds.” Manning, who writes the music for Boomkat along with her brother Kellin, is no stranger to composing songs for films. Recently, her song "The Reckoning” was featured in Paramount's hit film "The Italian Job,” and Manning not only appeared in Eminem's "8 Mile,” but also her song "Wastin' My Time” is featured on the "8 Mile” soundtrack.

With a musical score composed by Rolfe Kent, known for his music in films that range from Alexander Payne's "About Schmidt” to Mark Waters' "Freaky Friday,” "Mean Girls” features 19 songs and a diverse list of artists. Calling out a sampling of the amazing music featured in the film, the list includes The Donnas' remix of Billy Idol's "Dancin' With Myself,” Grammy nominee Missy Elliott's "Bomb Intro/Pass That Dutch” and Grammy winner PINK's "God is a DJ.” Also, featured is 2001 Grammy Hall of Fame inductee Janis Ian's "At Seventeen,” a huge hit in the 70s that not only won the artist two Grammy Awards but also made her (along with Billy Preston) the first performing singer/songwriter to be featured on "Saturday Night Live.”


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