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Two African-American men trying to pass themselves off as very, very, very white women? Sounds preposterous. But with the help of an FBI friend, who just happens to be a genius with make-up, that's exactly what the hapless Marcus and Kevin Copeland (Marlon and Shawn Wayans) do when they go undercover as Hamptons' socialites Tiffany and Brittany Wilson. 

The idea for White Chicks came from Shawn Wayans, says his brother, director Keenen Ivory Wayans. "We were sitting around reading magazines and one of them had a story about Hamptons socialites. Shawn was reading the interview and laughing. ‘Me and Marlon should play girls like these,' he said. I thought it was a brilliant idea. Now it's not a movie about anyone specifically but about that world of seeing and being seen. I knew if we did it, it would be hysterical. But I wanted to be sure that they looked convincing. That was the real challenge.” 

In the film, the first test Marcus and Kevin encounter is with Tiffany and Brittany's best buddies — Karen, Lisa and Tori (Busy Philipps, Jennifer Carpenter and Jessica Cauffiel). The trio's suspicions are immediately aroused. In the year since they saw Tiffany and Brittany they've grown taller and their lips are fuller. Hmmm. "Wait a minute... Oh my God...collagen!,” their friends conclude. "It's totally obvious. And knee surgery? You can do that? Cool.”

Kevin and Marcus face further scrutiny at the Hamptons Magazine reception. As they fumble their way into womanhood, it soon becomes apparent that more than Tiffany and Brittany's bodies have changed – they've copped a new attitude, too. When their rivals Heather and Megan Vandergeld (Jaime King and Brittany Daniel) dis them, the two (wo)men dis them right back, much to the shock – and secret admiration – of Karen, Lisa and Tori. Who knew the Wilson girls could be so happenin'? 

The reception provides Kevin and Marcus with their first glimpse into the dynamics of Hamptons society. Beneath the façade of air kisses and polite decorum is a tangled web of competing insecurities and long-held grudges. Heather Vandergeld hates Brittany Wilson for sleeping with her boyfriend, Heath (John Reardon), who is only dating Heather to cement a deal with her wealthy father. Heather is only dating Heath to undermine Karen who loves Heath but whom Heath uses only for sex. Karen's friend, Lisa, is neurotic and obsessed with her weight. 

Jamie King, who plays Heather, describes the agenda for these young women: "Life is all about being the ‘It' girl, the coolest, the most high fashion, the one who gets into all the magazines and goes to all the parties. They are completely motivated by what other people think, which makes their lives hard to sustain. As a result, they're always trying to get more and more and more.” 

Jennifer Carpenter adds that her character, Lisa, "Desperately wants to fit in. She thinks at any moment she's going to be found out — that she's not cool enough, not hip enough, not glamorous enough. So, in a way, we're just like Kevin and Marcus. We're all wearing disguises, just trying to pass ourselves off as real.”

While White Chicks plays with the world it inhabits, as with all comedies by the Wayans, it's also a running commentary on dysfunctional behavior. In this case the "high society” of the Hamptons becomes the perfect canvas for a comedy that also explores the themes of perfection vs. insecurity, love vs. belonging. It is this skillful blend of comedy and social commentary that makes a Wayans film stand out from other comedies. 

Rick Alvarez, long-time producing partner to the Wayans Brothers, mentions that the they spend a great deal of time researching their subjects, "dissecting things, coming up with the most obscure bits of comedy that, when put together, create these insane, unpredictable scenes. They have a history of poking fun at pop culture and th

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