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Production Information
Written and directed by David Twohy, The Chronicles of Riddick is produced by SCOTT KROOPF and Vin Diesel, with TED FIELD, GEORGE ZAKK and DAVID WOMARK serving as executive producers.

For The Chronicles of Riddick, which greatly expands upon the scope and vision of Pitch Black, Twohy has created an all-encompassing, mythological universe.

Assisting the filmmaker in bringing these new worlds to life and filling them with action on a grand scale is a first-rate production team that includes director of photography HUGH JOHNSON (G.I. Jane, White Squall), production designer HOLGER GROSS (Stargate, Deep Rising), film editors MARTIN HUNTER (Underworld, Full Metal Jacket) and DENNIS VIRKLER (Oscar® nominee for The Hunt for Red October and The Fugitive), costume designers ELLEN MIROJNICK (Twister, Starship Troopers) and MICHAEL DENNISON (Mona Lisa Smile) and visual effects supervisor PETER CHIANG and composer GRAEME REVELL, both of whom previously worked with Twohy on Pitch Black and Below. About the Production

In 2000, David Twohy's Pitch Black had audiences and critics alike doing double-takes with a "where-did-that-come-from?” buzz. The modestly budgeted science fiction thriller was a compelling reminder that genre films could have brains to match the brawn…in this specific case, the brawn of Riddick, the film's fascinating anti-hero, portrayed by Vin Diesel, at that time a new discovery.

"Pitch Black was meant to be a commercial film not unfamiliar in its setting or context,” notes Twohy, "but unexpected in its depth of character. I wanted to play with reversal of expectation, so that the ‘bad guy' redeems himself. I wanted to play out a good morality play at the heart of a commercial science fiction horror film.”

With Pitch Black, Twohy and Diesel created an anti-hero for our time in Riddick, whom the actor calls "a seemingly nefarious character who ends up being your only hope. Riddick lives within the realm of neutrality. These least likely of heroes sometimes take on a cult status in the science fiction community.”

Riddick is the antithesis of the staunchly upright movie hero. According to Diesel, "Riddick, who has been counted out, given up on, overlooked and misrepresented, winds up being the one you are praying succeeds in saving you and everyone else in the universe.”

Executive producer George Zakk, Vin Diesel's associate in their company, One Race Films, recalls the groundswell of grass roots approval that developed for the character of Riddick in the wake of the release of Pitch Black. "When we hit the road promoting the film, there were always huge crowds waiting. Riddick was an anti-hero that people just related to. They would say, ‘This guy's cool. He doesn't play by the rules. He doesn't give a damn about anybody or anything.' But by the end of the film, he's no longer a ‘bad guy.' There's an ambiguity to Riddick that audiences respond to and find intriguing. Riddick is the most unlikely of heroes. He's an interesting character, because he knows that there's something special about himself, but he's reticent to accept the responsibility that may come with that.”

How do you make an anti-hero? "You let him evolve into it,” responds Twohy. "It didn't hurt that for the first half-hour of Pitch Black, Riddick doesn't speak, which only heightened his charisma. And when he does speak, he is selective with his words. In Pitch Black, Riddick evolved from a killer to an anti-hero, and he retains that anti-hero status at the beginning of the new movie. The Chronicles of Riddick is more about understanding who he really is, and that he is no small player in the universe. His loner status is over.”

Diesel was also excited to explore previously unexplored aspects of the character. "In Chronicles, you can invest in Riddick's development, become a part of that. The film takes yo

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