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About The Inventions
"When we started conceiving the film, we really wanted it to be fun,” says production designer Perry Blake. "It's a family film, and we wanted parents to enjoy it as much as their kids.”

A large part of the broad appeal of the film derives from Fogg's wild inventions. The filmmakers wanted to portray Fogg as a kind of benign mad scientist who pieces his inventions together from the various objects he finds in his garage. "I used to dream things up when I was a kid,” says Blake. "I used to make them out of all of these crazy parts. So we really wanted Fogg's inventions to seem like they had been made out of different things that he just found.”

Fogg puts this ingenuity to good use in the film when he has to make the flying machine on the fly while he's on the Atlantic steamer ship. Fogg's flying machine was built out of a dizzying array of parts from the boat: sails, masts, planks, the propeller is made of paddles.

Perry Blake envisioned Fogg's jetpack 35,000 feet in the air, while flying to a location on a scout. "I looked out the window and saw these jet engines. We thought it would be cool if the jetpack was like a big jet engine on someone's back, really overscaled and goofy in its size. That was one of our first drawings. As we developed it, we thought, why don't we make it something that he created out of elements that he had around. So we incorporated the barrel as the main jetpack with all of this other stuff coming off of it—pipes, hoses that look like they came from a saxophone or trumpet, leather bands he took from his horse…”

Other inventions include Fogg's internal combustion car, which runs on beans. "We took a regular carriage and souped it up. We wanted to give it a modern feel but still look like it was from that time period,” says Blake. It almost took on the look of a hot rod, "a dragster that has a big exhaust pipe coming out of the side. We painted it a bright metal blue.” Once it was built, Blake and others enjoyed test driving it around the lot.

The "urban transport device,” an early version of in-line skates, is another Fogg creation. "We wanted to feel like he went into the back of his house or down in the basement and he found some old wheels off of a little cart. Then he took them and put them on his boots, and that's how he made the shoes,” says Blake.

"This movie takes place during a period in time when many great inventions were created,” points out Frank Coraci. "This whole movie is about Phileas believing in his dreams and having courage. Some of his inventions will actually exist and be used years later.”

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