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The Music
Multi-talented Hilary Duff lends sweet inspiration to her on-screen Sam/Cinderella character with three songs heard in A Cinderella Story, two of them brand new: "Crash World” and a cover of the The Go-Go's buoyant ‘80s classic "Our Lips Are Sealed,” with sister Haylie Duff. She also contributes the hit "Anywhere But Here,” from her triple-platinum 2003 debut solo album, Metamorphosis. 

"Falling For You,” from Britain's pop/punk band Busted, keeps time with Sam's frantic pace at the costume shop, where she tears through one outfit after another to find the perfect look for her big night, and Edwin McCain's soulful promise "I'll Be” seems to echo the thoughts of Sam and Austin as they steal away from the commotion of the Halloween Homecoming party for a private dance in a moonlit gazebo.  The Hollywood Records soundtrack, out on July 13th, features a diverse selection of songs coordinated by music supervisor Debra Baum, including two additional songs from Hilary Duff plus new music from Jesse McCartney, Josh Kelly and Kaitlyn, and songs from MxPx, Wheat, Mya, The Goo Goo Dolls and Natalie Cole.


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