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Since making his first feature film, director Spike Lee has shown an amazing ability to detect the pulse of America's concerns at any given time. His films can be described as signposts tracking the evolution of the country's ongoing discourse on race, sex and politics. She Hate Me carries on that tradition by exploring America's attitude towards morality and ethics - from the bedroom to the boardroom.

The implosion of corporate giants like Enron, Worldcom, Tyco, Adelphia, ImClone and Martha Stewart's recent convictions, and countless other examples of corporate and personal malfeasance, are topics that have dominated the evening news broadcasts and the business pages. As thousands of hard-working American citizens lose their jobs and their hard-earned life savings, the calls for action have become increasingly louder. This is part of the landscape that Lee surveys in his latest feature film, She Hate Me.

"The story of She Hate Me is very simple. It's about sex, greed, money and politics.” Lee was inspired by the recent events involving Enron, Worldcom, Halliburton, Alpelhia, Martha Stewart – the Waksals and Tyco. Greed and fraud seems to have replaced good governance and corporate responsibility. "These corporations had some shaky people at the top. I decided to pair that line of inquiry with the idea of sex and procreation. A volatile mixture. This film is also a commentary on the hypocrisy of America on the issue of sex. I wanted to raise questions about the decline of morals and ethics in America – from the boardroom to the bedroom.”

Lee feels that in present day America, there appears to be a gray line between morality and ethics. "There's the feeling that people will do anything for money. Every human being is going to have to make a choice and the choice you make will depend upon your ethics and your morals. People have to deal with the consequences of those choices ” says Lee.

Lee and co-writer Michael Genet started with the idea of a miracle drug to be used to cure HIV. The complications that follow are symptomatic of a corporate and personal culture in decline. Adding the sexual component to the film in the form of Fatima, Alex and the other lesbians guide the audience to a point where sex, politics and money meet. The provocative pairing of sex and corporate culture in the script was a clarion call to everyone who became a part of the team.

Preston Holmes, a producer who has worked with Lee on several other projects, said ‘yes' when approached to work on She Hate Me. "I have tremendous respect for Spike as a filmmaker and for the passion that he brings to each project.”

Holmes continues; "She Hate Me is an interesting story that operates on different layers. It deconstructs and explores American society. It's a wickedly funny satire. On the surface it's a story about a young man, but the event that triggers it is an insider trader scheme.” She Hate Me shows the underbelly of American society. "America is a country that claims to champion honesty over capital concerns, but [more] often than not ends up vilifying anyone who does stand up,” says Holmes.

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