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In the quest for a groom, comedy and complications rule the day as the cast and filmmakers behind the first film, including director Garry Marshall ("Pretty Woman,” "Runaway Bride”), return for this hilarious comedy.

"We were very proud of ‘The Princess Diaries,' recalls director Garry Marshall. "I felt strongly that there was a place for a G-rated picture with live action that was funny, and it became a success with kids and with parents. We had a kid's story with a lot of adult humor floating through it, so everybody could enjoy it.”

"I think ‘The Princess Diaries' struck a chord with audiences,” says producer Mario Iscovich. "It fulfills a bit of fantasy, fun and a fairy tale feeling, wrapped around some form of reality. It's a departure from so many films out there today which are more violent or ‘edgy'— ‘The Princess Diaries' offered heart and good values.”

"In addition to the wish fulfillment element, what set the film apart was the story of a young girl's empowerment,” adds producer Debra Martin Chase. "It gave everyone the message that you have the power within yourself to be anything you want to be, to make your wildest dreams come true.”

"I think people respond to stories they can relate to, characters who remind them of themselves, or who give them hope and inspiration,” notes Anne Hathaway.

In "The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement,” the filmmakers have incorporated the heart and humor from its predecessor in following the further adventures of Mia Thermopolis, the bright, slightly awkward San Francisco teenager and reluctant royal who gained poise and self-confidence under the tutelage of her grandmother, Queen Clarisse. In the intervening years, Mia, now a self-assured young woman, has graduated from college and has grown to embrace her Genovian heritage. She is about to take the biggest journey of her life, leaving everything behind to move to Genovia, where her grandmother, Queen Clarisse (Julie Andrews) awaits her at the royal palace.

"Mia is a lot more confident now, a very self-possessed young lady,” notes Hathaway. "In this film, Mia discovers she may be expected to compromise her beliefs and values in order to become Queen of Genovia, and she has to learn to define her own boundaries. Within that struggle, she gains a tremendous amount of self-esteem.”

Although she is already a college graduate, Mia has a lot of learning left to do, as she begins a crash course in Genovia's customs, history and laws under the instruction of her loving grandmother and staunchest supporter, Queen Clarisse.

"In this film, Princess Mia takes the journey from young woman to adult,” says producer Debra Martin Chase. "She has to dig deep inside herself to realize that she can rule a country—this is real business, real responsibility, with a country full of people depending upon her—that's daunting for a young woman of 21. In the beginning of this film, we see the Genovian Parliament in session, and they treat the young American girl rather condescendingly, but when she returns armed with knowledge, she has power. I think if you're going to make a difference, to be the best person you can be, it's invaluable to learn that knowledge is your best weapon. In Mia's case, there is much more to her royal role than beautiful dresses, jeweled tiaras and palaces.”

In "The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement,” one of Mia's biggest obstacles is a centuries-old Genovian law that states a princess must be married in order to become queen. With thirty days to find a groom, Mia must endure a seemingly endless parade of would-be suitors from all over the world.

"Mia faces the prospect of an arranged marriage in order for her to be queen,” explains Garry Marshall. "So they have to find some candidates, youn

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