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The Music
Walt Disney Records presents music fit for a queen (or a princess!) with the release of The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement soundtrack. Following up the gold-certified The Princess Diaries soundtrack, this highly anticipated collection will ship gold and features a stellar list of pop royalty along with the singing return of world-renowned performer Julie Andrews!

Kelly Clarkson performs the exclusive new single "Breakaway,” co-written by teen sensation Avril Lavigne, which headlines a regal line-up including multi-Grammy winner Norah Jones, Steve Harwell (lead singer of Smash Mouth), Pink; Buena Vista/Hollywood recording artist and star of the new WB series "Summerland” Jess McCartney, Wilson Phillips, the voice of the Disney Channel animated series "Kim Possible,” Christy Carlson Romano and the previously unreleased hit "I Always Get What I Want” by Avril Lavigne.

Echoing the emotions of the film's central character Mia Thermopolis, the upbeat pop song "I Decide,” is another key track from the CD. This surefire hit is performed by singer/actress Lindsay Lohan and written by legendary songwriter Diane Warren.

"This Is My Time” co-written and performed by Disney Channel star Raven will also appear on her debut CD which is set for release this Fall on Hollywood Records. The song "Your Crowning Glory” marks the singing return of world-renowned performer Julie Andrews. A highlight of the film's royal slumber party sequence was a memorable performance by Ms. Andrews as Queen Clarisse, who is cajoled into performing a song from Mia's childhood, "Your Crowning Glory,” in a duet with Raven.

"It was the experience of a lifetime for me,” says Raven. "The opportunity to sing with Julie Andrews, one of my very favorite performers, was incredible! She was so generous and kind, and we had a lot of fun.”

"It was a wonderful moment for me–the set that day was so lively and full of energy,” recalls Julie Andrews. "Garry had spoken to me about the possibility of putting a song into the film, and I told him that if the song had a few low notes in it and I sort of spoke/sang it, I could probably manage it. So my great friend Larry Grossman wrote the melody, with lyrics by Lorraine Feather, and it was wonderful! Sweet Raven and I performed it, and it was a joy to do.”

"Julie came up with the idea of having this back-and-forth banter with Raven during the song,” says music supervisor Dawn Soler. "It worked out wonderfully—it's a classic song structure, but with a bit of a hip-hop feel to it, and it turned out to be really special. Working with Julie Andrews was a true career highlight for me.”

"It was very exciting for me as a director, a big event for us, to have Julie Andrews singing a song in our film,” recalls Garry Marshall. "It was very moving, and most of the crew, even the guys with tattoos got a little teary there…”

"We had over 250 people on the stage, watching Julie Andrews sing,” says executive producer Ellen Schwartz. "Not only is it going to be a big moment for the film, but it was a big moment for everyone who was working on stage that day, and for the people who showed up from the surrounding stages, because we all grew up with Julie Andrews…just watching her act has been a treat.”

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