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Garry Marshall
Production on "The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement” provided a lot of laughs for the cast and crew, due in great measure to the unique on-set atmosphere created by director Garry Marshall.

Executive producer Ellen Schwartz has worked with Marshall for over twenty years, beginning with "Flamingo Kid,” and she enjoys the spontaneity of his sets.

"Every day is a new adventure. When Garry shows up in the morning, he'll say ‘You know that scene we're shooting two hours from now? Let's add a marching band.'” laughs Schwartz. "We've had a lot of that over the years, and it keeps you on your toes and makes you laugh. Working with Garry is just an incredible experience.”

The film's cast echo Schwartz' sentiments: "Garry Marshall is a joy,” notes Julie Andrews. "I think there is a desire in him to make sure that everybody is feeling happy, and I think that is reflected in his films. If someone on the set is feeling a little blue, he's the first one to put his arm around them. If a crew member has a relative visiting, Garry's the first to welcome them. He doesn't miss a thing.” "We've had a wonderful time on this movie,” adds Anne Hathaway. "Garry's sets are so much fun, and I'm just grateful to be around him.”

"I was much younger when I first worked with Garry,” laughs Hector Elizondo. "I've been in every one of his movies, and I've worn neck braces, done every accent imaginable, I've had a limp…We have a kind of shorthand, and it just works. He has an energy that's incredible, and he makes you work hard, but he's working hard too. So, he raises the bar, and you want to jump over that bar.”

"This is my first major film and to work for Garry is like working with family; so I've been spoiled,” says Pine. "His set is a lot of fun, and he has a unique directing style. The other day during the ballroom scene, I forgot to bow. There's a beat and I hear, ‘You gotta bow! You're not in a mall!' and everyone started laughing. My other favorites are ‘Just be a person' and ‘Faster, louder, funnier!'”

"Making a movie is very hard work, and no matter how glamorous it is, it's not so glamorous,” says Marshall. "I figure while you're working hard, you might as well have some fun, too.”

Marshall hopes that audiences have as much fun in Genovia as the filmmakers, cast and crew of "The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement” did during production, but that they also feel moved by the story.

"It's rare to find a movie that's enjoyable, entertaining and funny and also really compelling,” adds Julie Andrews. "This film has all of that, and also manages to kind of sneak in, through all of the humor, the importance of values such as decency and honor. It all comes through in the movie, but in the guise of having such a good time that you don't even realize you're getting the message till later.”


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