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MR. 3000

The 3000 Hit Legacy
In baseball, greatness is determined by numbers – which is why Stan Ross is so utterly determined to remain ‘Mr. 3000,' even if it means starting all over a second time. It's a magic number that in his mind means he's attained the rare heights of perfection, although he quickly learns he has a long way to go in that department.

From the beginning, Charles Stone liked the way the title of the film sets up the notion of "going for the numbers.” "Calling yourself ‘Mr. 3000' to me is like calling yourself a ‘Perfect Ten' – because you know that behind that incredible number there is going to be a whole other story,” says the director. "Obviously, getting 3000 hits is an extraordinary athletic achievement, but it begs the question: who is behind this ‘Mr. 3000' facade? Who is the man behind the amazing number? And that's what this story is all about.”


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