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Paul Zybszewski's original screenplay for After the Sunset was discovered by producers Beau Flynn and Tripp Vinson, highly-respected for producing such critically-acclaimed movies as Tigerland and Requiem For A Dream. The script was purchased by New Line Cinema and the producers hired Australian screenwriter Craig Rosenberg for a re-write. Both the studio and the producers agreed from the start that their first choice for the role of master thief Max Burdett was none other than Pierce Brosnan, the actor best known around the world as ‘James Bond, Agent 007.'

Producer Beau Flynn remembers, "when we were visualizing the character of Max, we thought about Pierce, but figured it was a long shot, that we would never get him. When Pierce expressed interest, we went in with guns blazing and told him why he was the only actor to play Max Burdett. From that point on the whole film took shape.”

Recalls Pierce Brosnan, "when my agents sent me a bag of twelve scripts that fit a certain time period in my availability, After the Sunset was the one that really appealed to me. I love heist movies-- this is the third one I've done (following The Heist in 1989 and The Thomas Crown Affair in 1999), and I thought this had the possibility of being a solid ensemble piece.”

Salma Hayek, Oscar-nominated for her performance in Frida, was the next to join the cast. Producer Beau Flynn offers, "We wanted someone who could really give Max a hard time and see right through him. Salma Hayek is very direct, and it felt like the energy between her and Pierce would be something very special. When we talked with Pierce about who could play Lola, we brought up Salma's name and he responded right away. We are fortunate that she loved the script and was really excited to work with Pierce as well.”

Hayek admits, "I've always been a fan of Pierce and wanted to work with him for a long time. He's a very talented actor, and in this movie, his character is very relaxed, spontaneous, sometimes even goofy. You will see him with his messy hair, a little beard – he looks so handsome. It suits him!”

Brosnan returns the compliment. "Salma is one of cinema's most beautiful women – an incredibly gifted woman,” he says. "We've not really seen her like this before – playing a leading lady in a ‘popcorn' movie. That's exciting for her and for all of us to watch.”

Next to join the project was director Brett Ratner, the young filmmaker whose five movies – the two highly successful Rush Hour films, Red Dragon, Family Man, and Money Talks – have grossed nearly a billion dollars worldwide at the box office. Ratner acknowledges, "Pierce was on the movie before I came aboard, but I was excited because I had wanted to do a James Bond film with him. As a matter of fact, he was one of the people who called me and said ‘I want you to do this movie.'”

Regarding his attraction to the movie, Ratner offers "I love caper films. There are so many great films in this genre, but what makes After the Sunset different is that it's a heist movie that has a combination of great relationships, heart and comedy.

There's the adversarial buddy relationship between Max and Stan a la Midnight Run, the romantic relationship between Max and Lola, who are both thieves, and the relationship between Stan and Sophie (played by Naomie Harris), which all makes for a quite interesting and exciting mix of cat and mouse.”

Another reason behind Ratner's decision to sign on was the new challenges it presented him. "I've never done a movie like this and that was my attraction,” he says. "It's a mixture of many genres. You're walking the line between action, drama, humor and heart. It's a heist movie that delivers on every level.”<


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