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About The Cast
Also adding a new dimension to the Blade world this time around is the film's eclectic supporting cast. 

For the role of vampire leader Danica Talos, producers cast indie film stalwart, Parker Posey. The role was a marked departure for Posey, who has become synonymous with roles in such indie hits as Personal Velocity and Best in Show. 

"I'm usually not a fan of action movies, but I thought that the Blade movies seemed more grounded,” said Posey. "And I'm a fan of vampires, so the prospect of being able to play one I thought would be really fun.” 

For Goyer, Posey was the perfect ingredient to shake things up a bit in the world of Blade. 

"It's kind of a different casting choice, but I love shaking things up and putting someone in a role you wouldn't expect,” says Goyer. "Parker's energy is completely different from Wesley's, so when the two of them are together it is interesting to watch.”

Goyer also found a formidable on-screen foe for Blade in casting Dominic Purcell as Drake.

 "Dominic is a wonderful Australian actor and he's very physical, which gives Drake a lot of gravity,” says Goyer. "He's a good physical anchor for Blade and somebody who does well when they are fighting one-on-one.” 

Purcell, himself a long time Blade fan, jumped at the chance to get involved in the project. "I'm a big fan of Blade and ever since I was a kid I always wanted to do action films,” said Purcell. "This is one of the biggest action franchises out there and it's really exciting to be involved in it and learn how to do stuff you wouldn't normally do – like jumping over buildings and blowing up cars. It's just a lot of fun.” 

Rounding out the supporting cast is WWE professional wrestler Triple H, who makes his feature debut in the film as the vampire henchman Grimwood. "When I was asked to be a part of this film, I was very excited because I was a fan of the first two movies,” says Triple H. "I enjoyed the darkness of them and appreciated that they weren't the typical light, airy superhero movie. They were dangerous and foreboding.” 

Commenting on his relentless character, the actor adds that "he's kind of the Terminator of vampires. He just can't be stopped, he just keeps on coming. You can shoot him, beat him, do whatever you want, but he's just going to keep coming back.” 

"Triple H turned out to be an amazing guy and just a real natural on camera. I was a little skeptical at first when I heard he wanted to be in the film, but he was great to work with,” says David Goyer.

As filming got underway in Vancouver, BC, cast members – most notably Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds - underwent a rigorous regime of daily exercise, fight training and a restricted low carb diet. It was soon apparent that the young members of the Nightstalker team were rapidly being transformed into some pretty serious action heroes. 

It was also obvious that Jessica Biel is an absolute natural when it comes to executing complicated stunts and fight choreography. In fact, the filmmakers and stunt coordinators alike were astounded by the ease with which Biel learned the most challenging stunt moves and fight sequences. 

No one was more enthused than David Goyer. "Jessica looks amazing on screen. She's like a female action figure come to life. We had her doing incredibly complicated moves where she was taking on three or four people at once, with no cuts. She's a natural at all of that. She does whatever you need and the biggest bonus is that she's just a really fabulous, sweet person. I love her to death. I want her to be in every single one of my films from now on.” 

Stunt Coordinator and Blade stunt double Clay Fontenot elaborates further on the training and skills of the young stars. "Working with Jessica has been incredible. She's a great physical specimen and is a very quick learn

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