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The Players
Ocean's Twelve finds Danny Ocean and company at a different place in their lives and "careers,” but it quickly becomes apparent that while you can take the thieves out of the game, you can't take the game out of the thieves.

  "Even though everyone in the crew is trying to lead a somewhat legitimate life, the truth is, the characters are happiest when they're planning and pulling off a heist,” George Clooney suggests. "They need that adrenaline rush and it's something they've missed during the past three years.” "I think the character stuff in Ocean's Twelve is even more interesting than in the first film because the cast know their characters so well and were able to push them even further,” Steven Soderbergh says. "Part of the fun of this film is seeing what each of the characters has done with their money. It's also fun watching them find out who busted them with Benedict, and figuring what to do about it.” Following is a who's-who primer of the characters who inhabit the world of Ocean's Twelve:

DANNY OCEAN - Pulling off the impossibly daring and complex heist of Terry Benedict's impenetrable Las Vegas casino vault propelled charismatic ringleader Danny Ocean from divorced parolee to the most infamous mastermind in the criminal underworld. After splitting the $160 million score with his crew, Danny remarried his ex-wife Tess and settled into a quiet "legit” life with her in Connecticut. "Danny is happily shopping for a second third anniversary present for Tess when she calls him with disturbing news,” Clooney reveals. "Everyone in the crew has tried to start a legitimate life, but they've been spending their money like crazy. And then a part of our history comes back to haunt us.”

RUSTY RYAN - Rusty Ryan's con career was flatlining when Danny Ocean recruited him to serve as his confidante and detail man on the Benedict job. In the wake of their incredible success, Rusty has refashioned himself as a trendy Hollywood hotelier. But his future holds more than another major heist – he may actually have a shot at real romance.  "In the first film, Rusty's sexuality was ambiguous at best,” Brad Pitt says facetiously, "and we wanted to clarify it in the sequel. So he gets a female love interest.”

LINUS CALDWELL - Talented newcomer Linus Caldwell earned his stripes on the Vegas heist, but the master pickpocket's ambition threatens to undermine his considerable expertise. "Linus very much aspires to be running a crew like Danny and Rusty, but he's not quite ready yet,” says Matt Damon. "He's been spending his money on ‘talent development' in Chicago, trying to emulate Danny and run his own crew.”

ISABEL LAHIRI - Polished, accomplished and an expert at solving sophisticated thefts of priceless merchandise, Europol agent Isabel Lahiri is herself the daughter of a deceased thief. "Isabel is a very good detective, very focused on her job and being the best she can be,” says Catherine Zeta-Jones. "She has studied the Vegas heist, and she has a personal connection to the Ocean's gang, which accelerates her desire to solve this case.”

TERRY BENEDICT - Ruthless entrepreneur Terry Benedict would love nothing more than exacting revenge on the brash crew who robbed $160 million from his casinos – especially their ringleader, Danny Ocean, who stole Benedict's girlfriend in the process. "There were really only two ways my character could be involved in the sequel – either Benedict had to join them or kill them,” Andy Garcia says. "I think in his heart he would prefer the latter. "I enjoy playing the heavy,” he continues, "because it means I don't have the responsibility of being the protagonist overcoming obstacles. In this story, I am the obstacle. It's a different kind of responsibility – and with it comes much more freedom.”

BASHER TARR - After rewiring half of Las Vegas to pull off the Benedict job, Cockn

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