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About The Production
Ocean's Eleven was shot on location in Atlantic City, New Jersey, St. Petersburg, Florida, and in and around Las Vegas' Bellagio Hotel. With Ocean's Twelve, producer Jerry Weintraub and director Steven Soderbergh upped the ante, taking the entire production on the road for ten weeks of filming in Chicago, Amsterdam, Paris, Monte Carlo, Lake Como, Rome and Castellamare del Golfo in Sicily. 

"It's a hell of a lot more fun to film in Rome, Paris, Lake Como and Monte Carlo than sitting on a soundstage in Hollywood,” Weintraub declares. "You can build sets, but you're not going to build Rome's Pantheon or canals like they have in Amsterdam. It's these wonderful and beautiful locations that give the film a different flavor. Every city we went to, people were wonderful to us and extremely accommodating. We were able to film scenes inside the casino in Monte Carlo, which has not been in many films. It is really extraordinary and looks so much different than Las Vegas.”

"I would like to say that I had the time of my life on this film, but I can't,” Brad Pitt says, tongue planted firmly in cheek. "Crappy locations. Rotten food – especially in Italy. And horrible company. It was really frustrating.”

In April 2004, the production flew from Chicago to the Netherlands for three weeks of filming in Amsterdam, primarily at the "Kattenkabinet,” a house built in the 1700s on one of the city's more picturesque canals.

  "Amsterdam again was one of these cities that I visited while I was doing press and I immediately fell for it,” Soderbergh relates. "I thought it was a beautiful city and really unique. It was a place that I hadn't seen on film a lot, at least not in American movies, and it had a thematic element that plays to the humor of the film. I was glad we got to shoot there and we got to use the city in a way that wasn't incidental.”

Other Amsterdam locations included the Pulitzer Hotel, which is made up of 25 historical canal-side houses dating back to the 17th and 18th century, and Dampkring, one of the city's well-known coffee bars. Scenes were also filmed at the Haarlem Central train station and inside the Richard Meier-designed City Hall in Holland's capitol, The Hague.

  From Holland, the company traveled by train to Paris to film scenes at the Sorbonne, the Australian Embassy, the Gare du Nord and various Parisian neighborhoods and streets.

"We were shooting at the Australian Embassy on a terrace overlooking the Seine and the Eiffel Tower,” Weintraub recounts. "I said to Steven, ‘You know the Eiffel Tower is out there.' He said, ‘That's a cliché, we don't need to show it.' But in the finished film, an image of the Eiffel Tower appears as a reflection in Brad's sunglasses in a shot that I think will probably be studied by film school students for the next 25 years.”

After completing work in Paris, the company spent a week in Lake Como, a month in Rome and two days in Sicily. While in Lake Como, several members of the cast, as well as Weintraub and Steven Soderbergh, lodged at George Clooney's nearby villa.

  "It sort of felt like the Hearst Castle,” Clooney grins. "We would get up, have some breakfast and ask each other ‘Who's working today?' Then when it was time to go to work, we'd go down to the dock, get on a boat and motor to the set.”

  "It was like summer camp, unbelievably fun and relaxing,” adds Julia Roberts. "We'd be sitting around the pool and I'd say ‘Who's at work right now?' We did manage to get an enormous amount of work done, which is the baffling mystery of this group. I don't know how we have so much fun and get so much accomplished at the same time.”

Lake Como's stunning 19th century Villa Erba served as the location for Francois Toulour's estate. Film buffs among the cast and crew were interested to learn that the Villa Erba was the vacation home<

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