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With 14 new songs, including the lead single "Hope” by rapid-fire rhythm hip-hop artist Twista featuring contemporary R & B singer Faith Evans, as well as tracks from Ciara, Fabolous, The Game, Chingy, Kanyc West, Red Caf6 and more, the music on the "Coach Carter” soundtrack is as energetic as the hard-driving basketball sequences in the film. In addition, renowned music video director Chris Robinson lensed the video for the lead single "Hope,” which features Samuel L. Jackson, who portrays Coach Carter in the film, and Rick Gonzales, who portrays the feisty Timo Cruz, who eventually looks to Carter as a father figure.

Released by Capitol Records, the soundtrack, which highlights some of R&B and rap's hottest stars as well as numerous up-and-coming artists, also includes the second single "All Night Long” from Brooklyn's Red Cafe; "Roll Wit You” from Crunk & B star Ciara; "No Need for Conversation” from Fabolous featuring Mike Shorey; "Southside” by The Game featuring Lil Scrappy; "Professional” from triple-platinum rapper Chingy featuring GIB; and "Wouldn't You Like to Ride” by Kanye West, Malik Usef & Common.

"In putting together this project, we screened the film for a broad group of artists who we felt would connect with the themes and heart of the movie,” says Andrew Slater, President and CEO of Capitol Records. "The result is a soundtrack that truly reflects and supports, and has become emotionally inseparable from the film. It is a tribute to how inspired the artists were by the movie's power and honesty.”


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