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"This is a story about three things that fascinate nearly everybody: love, money and music," says director Gregory Nava

"This is a story about three things that fascinate nearly everybody: love, money and music," says director Gregory Nava. "And all of it is filtered through the recollections of three extremely different women, whose only common link is that they were seduced by the amazing charisma of Frankie Lymon."

Says Paul Hall, "We were very lucky in our timing, because our project was very enticing to a number of A-list actresses. We had the luxury of casting the most talented and interesting women as Frankie Lymon's wives.

Halle Berry, who has played such recent diverse roles as the broadly comedic lead of "B.A.P.S." and the intense, intelligent and seductive co-star of "Bulworth" opposite Warren Beatty, welcomed the opportunity to bring Zola Taylor, a glamorous singer with The Platters, to the screen.

Says Berry, "Zola Taylor was a woman who made her way in a male-dominated, white-dominated world. She had talent, discipline and glamour, but she wasn't a machine - she was very vulnerable, with a heart and soul."

Berry studied old televised performances of The Platters to familiarize herself with the mannerisms and style that would set her character firmly in the early era of rock'n'roll. "It was a different time in the music world," she reflects. "Female performers were trying to look as glamorous as they could - there was no such thing as 'grunge rock' in those days, especially not for women of color. Zola was proud of the impression she created; she was a role model for young women all over America."

Vivica A. Fox, who plays a powerful, gritty role as Frankie Lymon's second wife, has also portrayed a broad spectrum of characters in the past few years. She had a vampish turn opposite Will Smith in "Independence Day," played a deadly serious thief in the critically praised thriller "Set It Off' and played a lovable mom in the critically acclaimed "Soul Food." In "Why Do Fools Fall In Love" she plays Elizabeth, a single mother and sometime shoplifter whose life is radically changed when she accidentally encounters Frankie Lymon.

"Despite the fact that she's already been through hard times, Elizabeth is still pretty naive when she meets Frankie," recounts Fox of her character. "When he brings her up onstage during one of his performances, she is in absolute heaven - this is way beyond any fantasy she ever had for herself. She is willing to do anything to keep him in her life - and soon that's exactly what she has to do - anything and everything. Frankie really takes her innocence away from her.. .but years later she still feels something for him."

Lela Rochon, who had a starring role in "Waiting to Exhale" as well as in the recent critical success "The Big Hit," plays Emira, a character who is the complete opposite of Elizabeth.

"Emira is a complete surprise to Zola and Elizabeth," Rochon recounts with a laugh. "They have never even heard of her existence until they meet her in Morris Levy's office, years after Frankie's death. She is the complete opposite of anyone they would expect to have married the Frankie Lymon they both knew!

"But at different times in his life, Frankie was different people, and when he met Emira, she was exactly the kind of woman he was looking for - stable, wholesome and able to help him stabilize his life. If he'd known himself better, he'd have seen that it couldn't last. B

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