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Widening The Ring
In "The Ring,” Naomi Watts played investigative reporter Rachel Keller, who is trying to unravel the mystery behind a deadly videotape in a desperate effort to save her own life and that of her young son. As Rachel delves deeper, she learns of the tragic story of Samara Morgan, a little girl who was left to die in a well by her adoptive mother, and discovers that Samara has somehow lived on, driven by vengeance to bring about murder and mayhem. The secret to escaping death at Samara's hands, Rachel discovers to her horror, is to copy the tape and pass it on. With her son's life at stake, Rachel makes a terrible choice.

Nakata offers, "‘The Ring' ends with Rachel making a copy of the videotape to keep her son safe. But that means that she has spread Samara's curse out in the world, so the curse does not end with the first movie. Now it's two years later and Rachel has taken her son and moved to the small, pretty town of Astoria in Oregon. It looks peaceful—very quiet, very calm—but of course, it's not peaceful.”

Naomi Watts comments, "Clearly Seattle was not the right place for Rachel anymore, so she's moved to a place that feels more remote. She's obviously changed on every level, living with this secret and this enormous guilt. What has she done? How much destruction has she caused? So she's become a very isolated person and also incredibly protective. When it all started, it was easy for people to say she was not the best mother. She was a little self-obsessed and career oriented, but now it's about holding onto her child. The irony of the whole thing is that this bad mother has turned into the kind of mother Samara is in desperate need of.”

"In fact, she is overprotective when we first see her with Aidan in this film,” adds Parkes. "She knows she is responsible for the evil thing she let out there, and the movie starts with it coming back to her in a terrible way. This time, as opposed to running away from it or pushing it onto someone else, she has to face the horror of Samara head-on herself.”

Watts agrees, "Of course she knows she is the only one who can handle it, because she knows what has erupted and how it has erupted in a way no one else would understand. She's been going through a private hell, and it's all about to unravel.”

"Naomi's performance in this movie is very rich in emotions,” Nakata says. "As the heroine, throughout the movie, she needed to express fear and anxiety and at the same time be strong to face this evil character, and I think she did it perfectly. She was extremely focused and was very good at expressing the realistic emotions of a mother who has to face very unreal things to protect her son.”

David Dorfman returned to "The Ring Two” to play Rachel's sensitive son, Aidan, who had a special connection to Samara in "The Ring,” but is now linked to her spirit in a much more menacing way.

MacDonald notes, "David had a much more challenging part to play this time because he is not just Aidan the sweet son; he becomes the embodiment of Samara, too. He had a very intense role to play, and he was more than up to the challenge. There was also a beautiful rapport that had grown between Naomi and him on the set. It really felt like mother and son.”

Dorfman says that dynamic was crucial for Aidan's onscreen relationship with his mother. "Aidan's relationship with Rachel is the only thing he has—not the last thing, but the only thing. He doesn't have a dad, he doesn't have any friends. All he has is his mom…and the haunting memory of Samara.”

Nakata states, "David Dorfman's character was challenging because he literally becomes Samara…not instantly but gradually, which was difficult to play. The way we talked about each scene was, ‘Okay, Samara's percentage meter is 25 or 50 or 75 percent.' It was a simple way to describe it, but it worked. David is extremely smart and instinctive, a

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