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Beauty Bites
Alicia Silverstone: "Hair really frames your face and can change how you look. When you're having a bad hair day, it's not fun. Most of the time I just put my hair in a ponytail – easy, low maintenance hair.”

Andie MacDowell: "I have very, very, very curly hair now, but when I was little I had straight hair, and I had a pixie and it was fabulous! There's no way I could cut my hair in a pixie anymore because I'd look like Bozo the Clown, but I liked the pixie.”

Alfre Woodard: "My mommy had a hair salon. I remember – this is one of my earliest memories – I sat and watched her as she did a woman's hair. She washed it, she dried it, and they were sitting there chatting the whole time. So I sat there watching them, and the world of grown women seemed so wonderful, you know? I just thought, "Oh, to be forty…” Well, by the end it's been around two hours that she's been working on this woman's hair. She turned the woman around and she was looking in the mirror, and I was playing in the shampoo bowl, and before I knew it I turned the bowl and it went flying around spraying water over this women's face and head. Her hair was hanging wet again. My mother turned to look at me, and the woman's mouth was open – and I just flew. I wrecked that hairstyle!”

Mena Suvari: "I remember crimping a lot. I remember being 11 and there was this big craze to crimp your hair – and fry it. You pretty much fry your hair when you're crimping. I also remember I really wanted lavender hair when I was sixteen, and my mom wouldn't let me.”

Sherri Shepherd: "I had very thick hair and my mother hated to do it because she would press it and then I'd go and play and it'd be this big Afro. So my mother would just let it go crazy, or she'd try and braid it and one braid would stick up and one braid would stick down. That's the way I'd go to church. I looked like a doggone crazy person. I looked like Chaka Khan at three.”

Keshia Knight Pulliam: "When I was in college, when a girlfriend needed a trim or to put a perm in or flat-iron her hair, I did all of that. Even in my mom's salon I'd help out doing whatever when I was in high school. I even tried to cut my own hair, but I realized the reason you let someone else cut it is it's really hard once you get to the back. And one side was shorter than the other. After that, I left that part to the professionals.”

Kevin Bacon: "The thing I hated was that the barbers would take the clippers and shave the back of my neck. The feeling of that – those tiny little hairs in the back of my neck and the sound of the clippers – I was terrified of it. I thought he was going to cut me. And I didn't like that thing they put around your neck; I'll never forget that piece of paperish stuff. I hated going to the barber.” Bille Woodruff: "I've had all kinds of hairstyles. My favorite I think was when I copied Prince's hairdo when he had ‘Little Red Corvette' out. I had my hair down over one eye. Kind of crazy, but it was my favorite.”


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