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Another Numa Adventure
For most of Lis, the adventure in "Sahara” would be enough to last a lifetime, but for Dirk and Al, it's just a day in the life. They are at the center of NUMA, the National Underwater and Marine Agency, headed by Admiral James Sandecker.

"This is a group of scientists, adventurers, and treasure hunters,” says Breck Eisner. "They're prepared to go anywhere in the world at a moment's notice.”

"NUMA is a private organization that circles the globe, searching for lost and buried artifacts, mostly in the oceans of the world,” notes William H. Macy. "Dirk and Al are the two front men, the guys who do the heavy lifting. They do the underwater research and salvage from the ship; they're my adventurers.”

"Anywhere there's water, they say, ‘I'm there,”' adds Steve Zahn. "You want something done underwater? NUMA has the equipment, the time, the patience, and the will to swim and seek what you're looking for, whether it's lost treasure or a watch your granddad lost in a pond. Dirk and Al love that; they love that they get to go different places in the world and meet different people and get entangled in the politics. For them, it's true adventure.”

"You really get the sense from ‘Sahara' that this adventure is how these guys live,” Eisner continues. "Their past journeys before this movie begins have shaped the relationship between Dirk and Al. Past adventures become part of their shared code-language, like when they refer to the ‘Panama.' You get the sense that they've been on a million adventures before and they'll be on another million after this movie ends.”


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