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A Handy Glossary
In order to travel safely through the unhinged universe revealed in THE HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY, it can help to have a glossary handy. So herewith, a few terms you'll encounter on the journey:


Planet of Origin: Earth
Species: Human

Arthur Dent is having a bad day—his house is being demolished to make way for a new freeway, he's learned that his best friend is from a different planet, and the girl of his dreams just hooked up with a total idiot. Still, it's not exactly the end of the world—that's not for at least another six minutes. It turns out (thanks to his alien best friend) that the end of the world is just the beginning…

Planet of Origin: Vicinity of Betelgeuse
Species: Unknown

Ford Prefect, best friend of Arthur Dent, is actually an alien posing as an out-of-work actor. His real job involves compiling research for The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Stranded on Earth for 15 years, he finally gets the opportunity to leave when a most unpleasant alien race announces their plans to destroy the primitive planet. And because Arthur once saved his life (a long, slightly embarrassing story), Ford decides to return the favor and plucks his friend off Earth before its annihilation. Fortunately for Arthur, Ford is the perfect companion to have on a galactic adventure.

Planet of Origin: Earth
Species: Human

Trillian's tale is a simple one of girl meets boy, girl immediately ditches boy for alien president of the galaxy, girl meets boy again after Earth is destroyed (under very improbable circumstances), boy professes feelings for girl, girl plays hard to get, boy gives up, girl discovers she made a mistake with alien president of the galaxy.

Planet of Origin: Betelgeuse Five
Species: Yes, Please

Cool, adventurous, arrogant, and dim-witted, Zaphod Beeblebrox is also the President of the galaxy. He became President for the sole purpose of stealing the Heart of Gold spaceship—the most remarkable and unique ship in the history of the galaxy. Zaphod recently popped in to Earth to pick up a female companion (Tricia McMillan, a.k.a. Trillian), luring her away with that tried and tested line—"I'm from a different planet. Would you like to see my spaceship?”

Manufacturer: Sirius Cybernetics Corporation
Make: GPP (Genuine People Personalities)

Marvin is a new generation of robot, infused with GPP (Genuine People Personalities). Chronically depressed, Marvin finds little job satisfaction in his menial tasks, and he's quick to remind others that he won't enjoy them. To be fair, opening doors and fetching things can be a little dreary when you have a brain that can compute your personality problems to thirty decimal places, while predicting the weather of an entire planet. As a result of his gloomy disposition, he often worries that he is making those around him miserable as well.


Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz is the commander of the Vogon Constructor Fleet and is not a pleasant sight, even for other Vogons. His dark green rubbery skin is thick enough for him to play the game of Vogon Civil Service politics, and play it well, and waterproof enough for him to survive indefinitely at sea depths of up to a thousand feet with no ill effects.

Planet of Origin: Unknown
Species: Prophet

Humma Kavula is an intergalactic missionary with only the slightest grasp of sanity, which is, perhaps, the only pre-requisite necessary for becoming a megalomaniacal, religious cult leader. He can be found preaching to Jatravartid people of Viltvodle VI as they await the arrival of the big Handkerchief.



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