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From Dark Castle Entertainment, producers of the hit supernatural thriller Gothika and the successful horror remakes House on Haunted Hill and Thir13en Ghosts, comes House of Wax, the harrowing story of six friends on a road trip that takes a terrifying turn when they find themselves hunted by a mysterious killer hell-bent on making them the latest additions in his gruesome collection of all-too-realistic wax figures. 

"House of Wax puts a modern spin on the slasher movies of the 1970s and 80s,” says producer Joel Silver, who launched Dark Castle Entertainment with partner Robert Zemeckis in 1999 with the horror hit House on Haunted Hill. "It's a rollercoaster ride that taps into our most primal fears of being hunted down and trapped, and then thrusts you into a nightmarish scenario where nothing around you is real and escape is not an option.”

House of Wax draws its name from the 1953 horror classic starring Vincent Price as a talented sculptor who curates a wax museum featuring eerily lifelike displays. "There's something really fascinating about wax figures,” Silver suggests. "They're unsettling, they're kind of creepy, but you can't stop looking at them.” The story takes a chilling turn when it's discovered that Price's character has hidden real corpses within his precious wax creations. Beyond this basic premise, Dark Castle's production bears little resemblance to the original film. "We loved the idea of a wax museum with real people encased in wax, so we used that as a jumping-off point and created a totally new story that takes the concept to a truly terrifying level,” says Silver. 

"We really pushed the envelope in terms of working with the wax medium,” director Jaume Collet-Serra agrees. "Blood and wax make a great combination of sexy and scary, and we did things with wax that have never been done on film before, from creating an entire town filled with wax figures to engulfing our cast and the House of Wax in flames in our spectacular finale. After this movie, you will never look at wax the same way again.”

The screenplay by Chad Hayes and Carey W. Hayes, twin brothers whose numerous television credits include the sci-fi TV series Mysterious Ways, pits a group of friends en route to a college football game against monstrous twin brothers working together to trap and kill their prey in a bloody quest to make them permanent citizens of their ghoulish hometown. 

"Chad and Carey created a truly original story with interesting character dynamics and unique set pieces,” says producer Susan Levin, Silver Pictures' Executive Vice President of Production, who oversees development for Dark Castle and served as a producer on Gothika. "The horror genre traditionally favors stories about strong women in peril who kick ass. Our film puts a twist on that convention with our protagonists, a sister and brother who are at odds at the beginning of the story and have to come together to fight for their survival.” 

"Horror movies are typically about external forces that change your life, and either you deal with them, or you try to escape,” Jaume observes. "If you try to escape, you usually die, but if you confront the situation, you usually survive. In this film, we have a brother and sister whose biggest problem isn't the deadly crisis they're facing – it's their own relationship. They have to not only find strength in themselves; they have to confront the issues between them, learn to trust each other and work together as a team to defeat the killers.” 

In the role of Carly, the ambitious college student working her way toward a career in New York, the filmmakers cast Elisha Cuthbert, an accomplished young actress known for her breakout performance on the hit Fox series 24 and her title role in the feature comedy The Girl Next Door. "Elisha is incredibly talented,” Silver says. "She's got great strength and range

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