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Casting Herbie's Human Race Team
Herbie's mission in life has always been to find a race-car driver who could work with him as a true friend, hand to wheel, as they zoomed their way to the very top. In HERBIE: FULLY LOADED, he finds that friend in a most unlikely person: a new college graduate who comes to the trash heap where Herbie has been discarded, hoping to find a sports car. As it turns out, Herbie is in luck, because that college graduate also happens to be Maggie Peyton, heir to a NASCAR legacy and a young woman thirsting for a chance to race…even in a rusty-but-wily '60s VW that no one believes has a chance!

Looking to find a young actress with the charisma, guts and comic panache to play Maggie Peyton, the filmmakers approached popular teen star Lindsay Lohan, their top choice. "I was incredibly excited to work with Lindsay because I had been blown away by her energy, timing and screen presence in her previous films,” states director Angela Robinson. "She perfectly embodied all the characteristics needed for Maggie.

Lindsay has the sensitivity to draw you into the emotion of the family story, while also being tough enough that you can really believe her as a fearless race-car driver and fun enough to add comic sparkle to the film. It was a total pleasure to work with her.”

Lindsay already knew about the legend of "Herbie the Love Bug” and was raring to go. "I had seen the original movie, and I loved that it's the kind of story that gets passed down from one generation to the next,” she says. "There's something about Herbie that is so magical and special, you really care about him as a kind of person, and it's hard to even think about him as just a car! I also thought it would be really cool to do a movie that appeals to kids as well as to all those adults who grew up with Herbie. And to get to learn to race cars on top of all that was just too awesome to resist.”

Lindsay especially related to Maggie Peyton's indomitable spirit and attitude of trying to live life to the fullest. "She's a great character—a tomboy with a kind of surfer vibe, who has fulfilled her need for speed doing all kinds of tricks on her skateboard,” explains Lohan. "Still, she has this feeling that she has the talent to be a great racer, even if her dad is too worried about her to let her go out on the track. Somewhere inside her she just knows she has to go after her dreams—and Herbie takes her there. He even learns a thing or two about skateboarding!”

Though she found the entire production to be full of fun and good vibes, perhaps Lindsay's absolute favorite part of HERBIE: FULLY LOADED was getting to slide behind the wheel and enter the thrilling world of NASCAR…as an insider. "It was just amazing,” she says. "We even got to go out to a NASCAR race in Fontana and race Herbie on the track! We were there with Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr., and all the stars and the cheering fans, and they even announced my name as one of the drivers. It was so cool. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

Maggie Peyton isn't the only human being who gets wrapped up in Herbie's adventurous dreams of auto racing. Among the other characters that come along for the ride are:

Maggie Peyton's adventures with Herbie accelerate when they wind up at an out-of-the-way garage where Maggie meets up with Kevin, an old high-school friend who has transformed into an ace urban mechanic who can work modern miracles on vintage cars. It is Kevin who ultimately patches Herbie up and transforms him into a tricked-out, sassy street racer— winning both Maggie's and Herbie's affection along the way.

To play Kevin, the filmmakers looked for someone who could fuel Maggie Peyton's spirit with comedy. They found what they were looking for in Justin Long, a young comic star who was most recently seen with Ben Stiller in the hit "Dodg

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