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Pecker, the 13th movie written and directed by John Waters, tells the story of America's most unlikely superstar photographer and the choices he must make in the face of instant celebrity

Pecker, the 13th movie written and directed by John Waters, tells the story of America's most unlikely superstar photographer and the choices he must make in the face of instant celebrity. Pecker is a Fine Line Features release and stars an outstanding cast including Edward Furlong. Christina Ricci, Bess Armstrong, Mary Kay Place, Martha Plimpton, Brendan Sexton III, Mink Stole and Lili Taylor. John Fiedler and Mark Tarlov served as producers on the film, which was shot on location in Baltimore.

The Waters Tradition at New Line Cinema/Fine Line Features...

Pecker marks a continuing relationship between Waters and New Line Cinema, Fine Line's parent company. New Line was the first company to commercially distribute a Waters film - the cult classic Pink Flamingos in 1972. In April of 1997, Fine Line celebrated the 25th anniversary of the film with a theatrical re-release. In addition to improving the quality of the film's soundtrack, the reissued prints included an "epilogue" of footage not included in the film 25 years ago, footage that was, as Waters explained, "cut for length - not shock value." The reissue sparked a flurry of appreciation for Waters and his entire body of work, including a retrospective of his films at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Pecker's Story...

Following the life of a goofy, cute 18-year-old who works in a Baltimore sandwich shop and takes photos on the side, Pecker is a tale of fame and fortune and the downside of instant celebrity. Pecker's life changes forever when his eclectic photo collection is discovered by a New York art dealer passing through Baltimore. The photos, which are sometimes grainy, sometimes out of focus and often over-exposed, struck a cord with the New York art world. Actually, it is precisely Pecker's depiction of his family's life that makes his pictures such a hit in New York. "In life and in art," explains Waters, "context is everything. The New York art world loves Pecker's pictures for all the right reasons. To them, blue-collar Baltimore is exotic, new and exciting, when they see it out of context in Pecker's pictures. As a result, Pecker's friends and family suddenly get their day in the sun, their moment of fame. But with this attention comes a public life they had not bargained for."

Why Baltimore...

John Waters has always photographed his movies in Baltimore, where he has been making films for about 30 years. Pecker associate producer and casting director Pat Moran, production designer Vincent Peranio and costume designer Van Smith have been working with John for his entire career. Peranio, for example, designed the memorable sets for Pink Flamingos on a mere $200 art budget, and Smith collaborated with Divine to create what would become the actors signature look (Jane Mansfield meets Clarabell, the clown from "Howdy Doody").

"What was great about making Pecker was taking Hampden, a inner-city neighborhood in Baltimore that had never hosted a movie production company before, and being able to use the real geography," says Waters. "Pecker's family house - a small, distinctively charming, canary-hued abode set at the bottom of a dead end street, really existed, and we didn't have to do a thing to it. The bar we used for the Claw Machine, which Pecker's father runs, was a block away. The space Vincent Peranio created for the Pelt<

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