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About The Music and Soundtrack
Driving the non-stop drama and action of SKY HIGH is a score by the acclaimed composer of "The Incredibles,” Mike Giacchino, and a soundtrack compiled by "Freaky Friday” music supervisor Lisa Brown.

Giacchino, who also composes for the hit action-oriented television shows "Alias” and "Lost,” took his musical cues from the story's themes, adding lots of heroic flourishes and bold brass lines for the score's 82-piece orchestra. Further inspiring Giacchino were the original Max Fleischer-animated "Superman” cartoons with their dynamic orchestral scores full of triumphant climaxes and folksy Americana. Keeping up with the film's mix of the incredible and the ordinary, Giacchino merges such unusual, futuristic instrumentation as the theremin to a score that has moments of both lightness and drama.

In further homage to the now-classic adolescent-themed movies of John Hughes, the filmmakers then asked the music supervisor to also weave in a collection of hit New Wave songs from the '80s re-recorded and made new again by some of today's hottest contemporary young bands. These include covers of "I Melt With You” by Bowling for Soup, "Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Christian Burns, "Save It for Later” by Flashlight Brown, "Can't Stop the World” by Ginger Reyes, "And She Was” by Keston Simons and "Lies” by The Click 5. Sums up Andrew Gunn: "The music for SKY HIGH reflects the film's fast pace, its distinctive style and, most of all, it contributes to the mix of high energy, hip humor and drama that makes the story such a unique adventure.”


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