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Drivin' And Brawlin'
While the production team was prepping the vast amount of cars needed for the film, Seann William Scott, Jessica Simpson and Johnny Knoxville were busy going to stunt driving school and fight training. 

"When an actor is driving a car backwards at 40 mph, hits the emergency brake and does a reverse 180, the wind blows his hair in a way that can't be duplicated without looking unnatural,” says director Jay Chandrasekhar. "That's why we put Seann, Johnny and Jessica through stunt driving school. We wanted to get them involved in the action and put them right in the middle of the most exciting situations possible.” 

The General Lee is Bo Duke's greatest passion in life, and under no circumstances does he allow anyone else to lay a hand on it, let alone – shudder to think – drive it. For Seann William Scott, this translated to an intense three week, two hour a day stunt driving school taught by renowned stunt driver Bobby Orr. 

"When I started working with Bobby, it was helpful that I didn't have any previous training because I hadn't already developed any bad habits,” says Seann William Scott. "It takes a lot of practice to get the feel of the car moving and knowing when to steer, counter-steer and let off on the brake. I learned how to pull 180s, reverse 180s and power slide the car up to a mark. We also practiced 90 degree turns and putting the car into drifts. It's a challenge, but a lot of it is just not being afraid to make a mistake and learning from them when you do.”

For shooting the most dangerous of the breakneck chase scenes, the filmmakers employed the "GO-Mobile,” a stunt driving camera platform that allows the vehicle being filmed to be expertly piloted by a stunt driver from an external cockpit, giving the impression that the actors are driving the General Lee, while making it possible to place a multitude of cameras in and around the vehicle and execute an array of first-class stunts.

Kevin Scott, the remote stunt driver on the film and one of the inventors of the GO-Mobile, explains that the technology allows the audience to "feel like they're actually in the car with Bo and Luke Duke. What we designed and built for The Dukes Of Hazzard is what they call an ‘axel down version (ADV)'. The special effects department, headed by Burt Dalton, took a full size car and removed all components forward of the firewall and mounted it to the GO-Mobile's engine compartment and chassis. Therefore, 75% of an actual General Lee from the windshield all the way back to the rear bumper including the rear axle is part of the GO-Mobile. The General Lee (ADV) allowed us to drive it remotely and execute full-on stunt driving just as we would as stunt drivers in the car itself.”

"When you're riding down the road at 60 miles an hour in the GO-Mobile and you hit a hairpin turn, it really feels like you are driving the car even though you know that Kevin Scott is in control of the vehicle,” say Seann William Scott. "When everything is moving that fast you really don't have time to think and are just reacting to everything that is going on around you.”

For Scott, stunt driving school paid off in spades when he had to perform a sharp 90-degree turn into a power slide on the downtown streets of Baton Rouge early on in the production schedule. 

"It's an incredible feeling to practice all these driving maneuvers and then actually perform them on camera,” says Scott. "We were all screaming because when you get the car going really fast and put it into a power slide, it feels like the most exhilarating roller coaster ride ever. After the take I saw Jay running down the street screaming, ‘Oh my God, that was amazing!'”

Another sequence that had the filmmakers and crew watching with anticipation was when Scott had to perform a reverse 180 on the tight streets of downtown New Orleans. In the sequence, Bo and Luke ar

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