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When Twentieth Century Fox released "The Transporter” in October 2002, the film became a worldwide theatrical hit. Produced and co-written by acclaimed filmmaker Luc Besson, "The Transporter” became an even greater success on DVD. At the same time, the picture launched Jason Statham as Hollywood's newest action star, with Frank Martin becoming Statham's signature role.

Says Statham: "Everywhere I went, people would tell me how much they loved ‘The Transporter' and the character of Frank Martin. The Transporter is an especially important role for me because it's influenced my career more than any film I've done.”

According to TRANPORTER 2 director Louis Leterrier, who was Artistic Director on "The Transporter,” the original film's appeal centered on Statham's portrayal of the title role. "Jason really brought out not only the character's amazing physicality, but Frank's humanity, as well,” says Leterrier. "Jason plays Frank as a reluctant warrior. Frank wants to stop doing shady jobs; he craves an ordinary life. But fate likes to play tricks on Frank, and in the new film, he has to take on another ‘worst-case' situation.”

Robert Mark Kamen, who authored both "Transporter” films with Luc Besson, agrees that much of the films' appeal rests on Statham's approach to playing the iconic figure. "Jason has humanity and decency; he makes both traits come alive in Frank Martin, even though Frank is as tough as they come.”

With "The Tranporter's” global success and the emergence of Statham as a movie action star, a follow-up film was not unexpected. Luc Besson envisioned TRANSPORTER 2 as being a movie event surpassing the original in scale and emotion.

Despite the success of "The Transporter,” and the filmmakers' eagerness to reunite for a second film, TRANPORTER 2 was not easy to put together. Statham had become one of Hollywood's most in-demand actors; director Louis Leterrier, who had completed "Unleashed,” starring Jet Li, Morgan Freeman and Bob Hoskins, produced by Besson, was looking at other projects, and Martial Arts Choreographer Cory Yuen (who directed "The Transporter”) was working on several films.

Fortunately, the schedules of these key players opened up enough to allow their participation in TRANSPORTER 2. As Besson had conceived the project, TRANSPORTER 2 would up the stakes in action, drama and characterization – starting with The Transporter himself. "Frank has evolved from the time of the first film” says Statham. "There's a lot more at stake, emotionally, for Frank.”

Statham enjoyed the mix of the character's softer and tougher sides. "One day I'd being playing a tender, emotional scene opposite Amber Valletta [who plays the young kidnap victim's mother]; the next day, I'd be taking on a team of international thugs in a massive fight scene. It was never boring.”

Like its predecessor, TRANSPORTER 2 features displays of Jason Statham's impressive athleticism, honed by years of training in boxing, kickboxing and scuba diving. Statham's martial arts skills and diving experience both came in handy for the film's climactic set piece, involving a jet that has crash landed into the Atlantic Ocean.

Statham, who eschewed the use of a stunt man for even the film's most intense action scenes, reveled in the character's physicality. A special treat for the actor was getting reacquainted with the high-speed driving skills he acquired while making "The Transporter.” "Driving that high-speed car was a real rush,” says Statham, who in TRANSPORTER 2 is behind the wheel of a black Audi A8. "But I'll admit that training for and performing the stunts was easier the second time around. This time, I knew what I was in for!”

As he did in the first film, Statham worked with Cory Yuen's hand-picked team of fighting and action choreographers. "Cory knows Jason's potential and how to push his physical limits,” says director Louis Leterr


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