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About The Production
It's the summer of '78 and if you're looking for good times there is just one place to go: the local roller disco, where the music is hot, the girls are hotter, and the entire atmosphere is dynamite. It is here, under the swirling colored lights and the spinning disco ball that thousands will experience lessons in friendship and love…and sometimes life teaches that you have to really get down in order to get back up on your feet. 

From director Malcolm D. Lee (UNDERCOVER BROTHER) comes a fresh – and undeniably funky – coming of age comedy on wheels: ROLL BOUNCE. Set at the height of the roller disco era, when "jam skating" was born, the film combines the retro thrills of 70s dance and music with the moving story of a family trying to find a way to roll through hard times to a better future. Filled with classic soul tunes, outrageous skating moves and the unforgettable romance of the "couples skate," ROLL BOUNCE is an infectiously fun trip into a world where when the lights went low and the music came up, you could roll in 

It all begins with Xavier Smith (Bow Wow), also known as X, a young roller wiz who, along with his crew, once ruled supreme at their South Side of Chicago rink, the Palisades Gardens. But when the doors of their favorite hangout close, it marks the end of an era and the beginning of another that sees the boys venturing into completely foreign territory: the North Side's swanky Sweetwater Roller Rink, with its sleek, well-to-do roller-boys and gorgeous girls in short-shorts. 

For X and his friends, Sweetwater is a brave new world that gives way to an impossible dream: to win the rink's annual Roller Jam Skate-Off. It's more than just a chance to take home a trophy for X – it's his opportunity to fulfill the potential his mother always saw in him and prove his own self-worth. Now, as these spirited South Side skaters take on Sweetwater's greatest champ -- that superfine roller god named Sweetness (Wesley Jonathan) – they're going to have to rock, roll, bounce, boogie. . . and find their own true rhythm in  ROLL BOUNCE is directed by Malcolm D. Lee from an original screenplay by Norman Vance, Jr. (BEAUTY SHOP, "Girlfriends"). It is produced by Robert Teitel and George Tillman, Jr., who previously partnered as producers on the blockbuster hits BARBERSHOP, BARBERSHOP 2 and BEAUTY SHOP, and as producer and director respectively for SOUL FOOD and MEN OF HONOR.

Joining Bow Wow in ROLL BOUNCE is an exciting cast of newcomers and rising stars. Playing X's beleaguered recently widowed dad, Curtis, is Chi McBride, who was nominated as AFI Actor of the Year for his role on "Boston Public" and has appeared in dozens of films including I, ROBOT and UNDERCOVER BROTHER. X's skating rival Sweetness is played by Wesley Jonathan, who was nominated for a Breakout Star Teen Choice Award for his role on television's "What I Like About You." X's crew includes new talents Brandon T. Jackson, Rick Gonzalez, Khleo Thomas and Marcus T. Paulk. Meagan Good, who plays X's love interest Naomi, has been seen in the hit films YOU GOT SERVED and BIKER BOYZ; and Jurnee Smollett, who plays X's metal-mouthed, tag-along friend Tori, has credits that include EVE'S BAYOU, "Cosby" and "Wanda at Large." Also starring in the film are hot comics Nick Cannon (DRUMLINE, LOVE DON'T COST A THING, SHALL WE DANCE?) and Mike Epps (FRIDAY AFTER NEXT, THE BENJAMINS, HOW HIGH), as well as Charlie Murphy ("Chappelle's Show," KING'S RANSOM). 

ROLL BOUNCE is executive produced by Dana J. Reid, Adam Robinson and Jeremiah Samuels (LOVE JONES). The director of photography is James Muro, who has served as camera operator on more than 50 films including X-MEN 2 and THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS. The production designer is William A. Elliott (SCARY MOVIE 3, UNDERCOVER BROTHER). The film was edited by George Bowers, A.C.E. (WALKING TALL, FROM HELL) and Paul Millspaugh (GHOSTS OF GENIUS,<


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