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Australian Executive Producer Andrew Mason on (the Matrix Trilogy), discovered the script by L.A.-based writers Michael Steinberg and Tegan West while in L.A. on business in 1999. "I loved it immediately,” he says. "I thought it was a great and original take on classic horror thriller films that rely on imagination terror rather than the scare of seeing something in particular, so I grabbed it. I spoke to the guys at Lakeshore, Gary Lucchesi and Tom Rosenberg, who also liked the script immediately, and liked Bruce Hunt's work, who I was proposing as director. We formed a partnership and away we went.”

Producer Gary Lucchesi, thought the screenplay was very commercial and an interesting idea. "When I first read the screenplay, I was reminded of Ridley Scott's ALIENS, which was a movie that had a great effect on me almost twenty years ago. I thought it was sophisticated, scary, and stylistically accomplished, but was also tremendously credible in terms of how it was directed. It didn't pull a lot of tricks.”

After viewing Hunt's reel, Lucchesi knew the director could pull off a first feature with this movie. "I brought the project to Screen Gems, who I thought would be natural partners for us since we had great success on ARLINGTON ROAD, THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES and UNDERWORLD with them. I also knew that teaming with a first-time director could be risky, but never worried about Bruce Hunt. Bruce is not a first-time director. He's been directing for fifteen years and is perhaps the most renowned commercial director in Australia. He just hadn't directed a feature yet. He shot second unit on huge films including THE MATRIX, so in terms of being comfortable with the camera, shooting action, and working with actors, we felt that he could achieve all of that very successfully.”

Producer Richard Wright says, "this was an extraordinarily difficult movie to make. One of the nice things about having Bruce do the movie (beyond his own creative skills, which are considerable) was that he brought a lot of his Australian crew with him. They are utterly devoted to him and would do anything for him. As a result we've accomplished things that ordinarily we would not have been able to do.”

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