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Casting the film would be challenging. The actors who would play these roles would need to be not only fantastic actors, but physically would have to rise to the challenges of acting while under water, diving with rebreathers, swimming and climbing. There would be a six week training period to learn how to dive with rebreathers, and it would be physically draining. It was a tall order and Cole Hauser would fill the first role of Jack. "We needed an actor who represented leadership qualities,” says Lucchesi. "Jack is the head of the diving team, the head of the exploration, and the role would be the most challenging of all. Cole Hauser had everything we needed to best represent Jack – he is a brilliant actor, is physically fit, and takes charge of a room when he walks into it.”

"The preparation for this was the most I've ever done on a film before,” says Hauser. "It takes fifteen years to learn how to do the stuff that we learned in two weeks. I watched the documentary ‘Amazing Caves' before I started on the film, and was blown away at the things that cave divers do. They are really earth's astronauts. I did most of my own stunts and it was pretty crazy. When I felt like it was unsafe, I would use a stuntman, and I got off pretty easy – a cut on my head and a burn on my eyelash from a flare!”

Morris Chestnut would be second in the line of casting as Buchanan. "With his exmilitary kind of background, Morris is fantastic and had the physical presence to be Jack's main man,” states Bruce Hunt. "Buchanan is a long-time business partner of Jack's,” says Chestnut. "We started a dive company together and have been working together ever since. He's not a guy who says a lot, but he's a strong leader who pretty much helps corral the troops. He's a lot like me. I joke a little bit more than Buchanan does, but I'm pretty quiet like he is in certain situations and I always try to lead by example in my everyday life. So there's a little me in Buchanan.”

Eddie Cibrian would fall into place with Tyler, Jack's brother. "Jack kind of got Tyler into diving,” says the actor. "He's a more relaxed, carefree type of guy who is willing to take a risk because of the fun of it without thinking of the consequences. But he's a character that throughout the movie, basically grows up. It's a rite of passage for him and he steps up and becomes a man at the end. Jack has always taken care of him, and in the end, he takes care of Jack. I loved that about this character.”

Training for the role was a lot of fun for Cibrian. "They started us off rock climbing training and I've never rock climbed before in my life, so for me that was a lot of fun. You don't have to pay me to do that! We rock climbed for two and a half weeks and it was the most difficult, amazing thing. Then we moved to scuba training and did some open water stuff and moved right into rebreathers, where there are basically 10 or 15 people in the entire world certified to dive with these things, so just being able to work with them was unbelievable.”

Piper Perabo was quickly cast as Charlie, a role originally written for a man, and then changed to a woman. Piper did a lot of training for the role as well. "I started climbing in New York on indoor walls, and then in L.A., and then Vancouver,” she remembers. "I had never dived before this movie, but I did some climbing in college. I do a lot of yoga, so that sort of helps in climbing as far as balance and movements go.” But the strength of the role is what initially attracted her. "This is a really strong role for a woman. The fact that it was written originally for a man makes it innately stronger. I like that Charlie is just a part of the team; as much a part of the team as the rest of the guys and her sex doesn't matter.”

Rick Ravanello followed suit with his role as Briggs. "Briggs is an interestin

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