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Putting Together The Team Of Experts
The world's leading diving authority, Jill Heinerth, was pulled on board to serve as Underwater Technical Advisor. She was charged with the task of helping to design some of the underwater technology for the film, and train the cast in the use of Rebreathers. She also coordinated the underwater film unit. "I started training the team about two weeks before everyone left for Romania,” she says. "Some of the team I didn't have access to until we actually arrived in Romania, so I worked in pools and on set trying to get in as much time as we could underwater. I needed to make this as real and cutting edge as possible.”

"Most people who go on recreational dive trips use standard scuba technology and every time they exhale, they vent bubbles into the water column. Rebreathers are a really interesting technology that captures those bubbles, recycles them, cleans them up and allows the diver to rebreath the gas they've exhaled. What that does is create an incredible savings. Instead of using dozens of tanks for a long and deep dive, you can use a small air supply and optimise their oxygen every moment of their dive. It's sort of leaner and meaner diving.”

"Rebreathers are used to allow astronauts to do space walks,” she continues. "They are used to clean the air in submarines so that submariners can stay down for great lengths of time. So we used the real technology and trained the cast on that real technology. It was very exciting.”

Heinerth managed eighteen members of the underwater unit, filming, organizing safety and acting as their doubles. She was amazed at how real the sets for THE CAVE were. "They were just spectacular,” she says. "I would get lost in the set, drifting off because it felt so real. And then I would turn around and there was someone coming towards the cast with a hairbrush! It was a very interesting experience!”

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