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About The Production (Continued)

"Alf is part of the Mujhadeen,” explains Abbasi. "Somehow he escaped prison in Afghanistan and snuck into America. His objective in life is to make as much money as he can; it's the American dream, but he wants to send the cash to free his people. He uses his gifts – his technical driving skill and his expertise with explosives – to make that happen. But by the end of the movie he is also concerned about his three new friends because he's become a part of their family. He goes along for the ride when they head for Las Vegas and even indulges in some questionable behavior, but he never loses focus of his intentions.”

"Alf is wild,” says Scott. "He's a brilliant character. You get the sense that he's got another agenda, so you're always wondering what he's up to. And because he's the driver of the bounty hunter van, he wields a lot of power.”

Scott feels the story "lies in two halves.” It begins with Domino's life up to and including her decision to become a bounty hunter, and evolves into the realm of reality television. Through the grapevine Scott heard that several networks had picked up on this idea and created their own reality shows depicting bounty hunters at work around the country, but none of them were crazy enough to use Kelly's original idea of utilizing two real life actors riding shotgun, so to speak, as the show's hosts.

Irrespective of the strong subject matter, Scott wanted his film to include comedic elements. He loved Kelly's concept of using actors from the long-running TV show "Beverly Hills 90210” to play themselves, along with an over-the-top television producer and his assistant, plus some bungling crooks peppered with a few shady Mafia types to round out the plot.

"In interviewing the real Domino she told me about going to summer school at Beverly Hills High,” says Kelly, "and that's where the gestation of the "Beverly Hills 90210” element of the script came from. "90210” had a huge impact on culture from people of my generation and I am only a little younger than Domino. It was a lightning rod for the way teenagers were supposed to behave in the After School Special meets Rodeo Drive soap opera quality of that show. I was amused that Domino's mother would be transfixed by that program and thought it would be interesting for the character to push her daughter into the mold of Tori Spelling or Jennie Garth or any of those characters.

"I also thought about how ‘90210' was a symbol for a generation, and with the show's cancellation, the dream was over. So I thought, let's introduce an element of the show in terms of ideas and experience where Domino is concerned, and also bring in the metaphorical idea of reality television using Ian Ziering and Brian Austin Green. It felt like they had a best friend chemistry on the show, they were a great comedic duo, so putting them into the movie felt right.”

Kelly was amazed at the reaction Ziering and Green elicited while on location in Las Vegas. Women of all ages, but specifically those in their 30s, would approach the two no matter the time of day or circumstance and invariably their questions and comments would relate to "90210.”

"Every single day these guys would have someone come up to them and talk about ‘90210,'” remembers Kelly. "The show has been syndicated around the world and it's still playing today. It was a touchstone for the 90s and Ian and Brian have to deal with that their entire lives. I thought that was funny but I also wanted them to be able to exercise those ‘90210' demons.”

Ian Ziering and Brian Austin Green decided to take the gamble and play "themselves” as the hosts of the reality series, "Bounty Squad.” Reality takes on a surreal bent and before long the television icons find they've become battered hostages in a high stakes game of cat and mouse.

When Ziering first read the script, he thought it was

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