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Production Information
Walt Disney Feature Animation adds a whole new dimension to its legacy for memorable characters, great storytelling, and technical innovation with "Chicken Little,” the Studio's first fully computer-animated feature film. A pioneer in using computers in animation since the early 1980s, Disney brings its distinct filmmaking style and approach to this exciting medium, along with a host of technical innovations. The result is a film that captures the very best qualities of Disney animation with a look and feel that audiences have never seen before. Adding to the excitement, "Chicken Little” is being presented in select theatres across the country in Disney Digital 3D™, a revolutionary new true three-dimensional digital experience. Disney teamed with effects powerhouse Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) to render the movie in 3D, and the film will be shown using specially installed Dolby® Digital Cinema systems.

"Chicken Little” is directed by Mark Dindal and produced by Randy Fullmer, the same talented filmmakers responsible for Disney's zany 2000 animated comedy, "The Emperor's New Groove.” The story is by Dindal and Mark Kennedy, and the screenplay was written by Steve Bencich & Ron J. Friedman, and Ron Anderson. Peter Del Vecho served as the film's associate producer. John Debney, a 2004 Oscar® nominee for his score for "The Passion of the Christ” and a collaborator on "Groove,” composed and conducted the original score. The film's soundtrack boasts new performances by such popular recording artists as Barenaked Ladies, John Ondrasik, Patti LaBelle and Joss Stone, and the Cheetah Girls.

A stellar cast of talented actors and actresses lend voice to the animated stars of "Chicken Little.” Zach Braff, star of the hit NBC series "Scrubs” and the director of last year's critically acclaimed feature, "Garden State,” brings offbeat humor, a sense of determination, and lots of explosive energy to the likeable little title character. Veteran director and all-around funnyman Garry Marshall ("Pretty Woman,” "The Princess Diaries”) provides the distinctive voice of Buck Cluck, frustrated father of Chicken Little and a former baseball star. Actress Joan Cusack adds warmth and comedy to the vocal performance of Abby Mallard (aka Ugly Duckling), a beautiful friend who has no shortage of advice to share. Steve Zahn ("Sahara,” "Happy, Texas”) takes on the big role of Runt of the Litter, a skittish 900-pound porker who is the smallest in his family. Dan Molina, the film's editor, creates the non-verbal sounds for Fish Out of Water, aided and abetted by a five-gallon bottle of water and a drinking straw. Chicken Little's nemesis, Foxy Loxy, is voiced by Amy Sedaris, the popular star of such programs as "Sex and the City” and "Strangers with Candy.”

The film's supporting cast includes performances from some top comic talents. Don Knotts, the intrepid deputy sheriff Barney Fife from "The Andy Griffith Show,” gets a promotion to Mayor Turkey Lurkey in "Chicken Little.” Comic actor Harry Shearer ("The Simpsons,” "This is Spinal Tap”) reports for vocal duty as the play-by-play canine commentator at the big baseball game. Patrick Stewart gives a sheepish performance as the humorless high school teacher, Mr. Woolensworth. Wallace Shawn is heard as high-strung high school principal Fetchit. Fred Willard and Catherine O'Hara team up for laughs as concerned alien parents, Melvin and Tina, on a mission to find their missing kid, Kirby. Adam West turns in a commanding performance as the voice of Ace, Hollywood's version of Chicken Little in the movie version of his life. Patrick Warburton, who delighted audiences as the dim-witted Kronk in "Emperor's New Groove,” provides a memorable cameo here as the alien cop.

"‘Chicken Little' is a breakthrough film for Disney,” observes Davi

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