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Original plans for a sequel to the box office smash hit Basic Instinct started around eight years ago. "We went to the New York-based husband and wife writing team of Leora Barish & Henry Bean who came up with this idea that Catherine Tramell would get involved with a psychiatrist,” says producer Mario Kassar. "We thought it was a really compelling concept. We originally thought we'd do it in New York, then we figured it might be interesting to change it to a European city, so it was eventually changed to London.”

Kassar recalls the early days when Sharon Stone won the role that set her on the road to movie stardom, "Sharon worked very hard to secure the role of Catherine Tramell in the original Basic Instinct. You had the combination of Michael Douglas starring and Paul Verhoeven directing, and back then everyone was looking for an established star name for the female lead. However, many actresses were not prepared to undress. Verhoeven tested Sharon for the role and she looked exactly like Kim Novak in Vertigo and everyone who saw the tape agreed that she was perfect. She won the role, and Catherine was born. When we took the movie to Cannes, Sharon says that she went up the red carpet as an actress and came down a movie star.”

For the sequel, Scottish director Michael Caton-Jones was chosen, a decision Stone favored, having responded strongly to his earlier work like the acclaimed Scandal, another film with erotic overtones. "Michael's very organic in the way he works,” says Kassar. "He's natural, low-key and very stylized. His movies always have a certain look. He's also very good at getting the performances out of his actors, because they like him so much and work hard to please him.”

Producer Joel B. Michaels was equally enthusiastic. "Michael delivers and then he delivers some more. He has a really good eye and he's just amazing with actors. I'm actually fascinated with the way he works with them. He has a singular technique for extracting very solid and complex performances. All good directors have to tap into the people they're working with and different actors require different treatment in order to get them relaxed and comfortable enough to draw good performances from them. Michael excels at that.”

Having decided to shoot the movie in London, Caton-Jones' reputation as an "actor's director” put the production in a good position to attract the cream of Britain's acting talent. A graduate of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, Liverpool-born actor David Morrissey has built a roster of critically acclaimed film, TV and theater roles in recent years, and Caton-Jones thought him an ideal fit to portray the clean-cut doctor who falls victim to Catherine Tramell's machinations. "David had totally the right upstanding look,” says producer Kassar. "On the surface he is the opposite of all the bizarre things that go on in Catherine's psyche. As he slowly falls under her spell, he is transported to that dark place you only go to when morbid curiosity gets the better of you.”

"The chemistry between Sharon and David was evident from the outset,” adds producer Michaels. Sharon responded to him immediately.”

Kassar and Michaels admit they've both been itching to do a movie with veteran British actress Charlotte Rampling for more than 20 years, "Finally we got her!” says Kassar. "Charlotte adds so much to a movie and she's played so many memorable characters over the years.”

"I've been a big fan of Charlotte Rampling's for a long time, so I was thrilled when Michael said that he wanted her,” says Michaels. "As a director, he has a great eye and always casts his films beautifully, so we all have him to thank for bringing Charlotte to the film. She's a very elegant and intelligent woman and the absolute epitome of professionalism. She was completely charming and letter<

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