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The Costumes
For Hungarian costume designer Beatrix Aruna Pasztor, her starting point was a meeting with Sharon Stone at her Los Angeles home to discuss ideas for the Catherine Tramell's wardrobe. "Sharon and I talked about the character and decided to approach her in a very classy, artistic way. Sharon had a lot of ideas based on her own fabulous personal style. We started piecing it all together from ideas sparked by the photography of Helmut Newton, the paintings of Schiele and classic film-noir,” explains Pasztor.

"In addition to her great sense of style, Sharon also has a great body and she really knows how to carry herself,” continues Pasztor. "So she was pretty easy to dress. She particularly loves vintage clothes, so we decided to mix some really old couture vintage clothing with contemporary designer pieces. The BBC is one of my favorite places to dig around for great stuff. We discovered some particularly good 1970s vintage clothing there and also pulled in pieces from a very good company called Whitaker. Most of the wardrobe came from L.A., London, Milan and Rome.”

Jewelry also played a major role in Tramell's wardrobe, and apart from a few unique and bizarre pieces from a flea market, London's Chopard jewelers supplied most of the signature pieces. "Their jewelry was fantastic. It gave the character a rich, luxurious look, which gave a very cohesive feel,” comments Pasztor.

Director of photography and fellow Hungarian Gyula Pados worked closely with Pasztor on the selection of fabrics. "Gyula asked me to find fabrics with a shine,” she says. "The film is quite low-lit, so it's good to have the pieces shining a little. All of Sharon's clothes were pretty tight-fitting and made from very interesting fabrics, and I think the textures and her silhouette give a sexy and interesting look,” says Pasztor.

"As for David Morrissey,” she continues. "We decided to give him an elegant, classy, film-noir look, in the vein of a Humphrey Bogart. I used a lot of designer high-fashion suits for him because they fit him best. His character isn't extravagant, so we wanted to make him classic in a very solid, sober way. It's a good contrast to Sharon's eccentric and artsy look.”

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