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From the twisted mind of filmmaker JAMES GUNN (writer, 2004's Dawn of the Dead) comes the latest addition to the unique canon of horror comedy films—a story so deliciously heinous, hilariously base and unbelievably demented that its mere name brings to mind the sickening giant mollusks of the invertebrate underbelly world. Huge slugs from outer space, bloodthirsty zombies and slime-ridden oozing bug overlords have finally come together in one cinematic creation: Slither.

Welcome to a resurrection of the days when David Cronenberg, Frank Henenlotter, Stuart Gordon and John Carpenter's works such as Re-Animator, The Thing, The Brood, Basket Case and The Fly alternately freaked us out and made us snort with laughter. With his directorial debut of Slither, Gunn brings back a gonzo spirit to filmmaking that makes horror movie lovers both cringe and chuckle.

Realizing that the key to getting the undead back into our homes and hearts was to tackle a film with uncommon actors, underutilized dry humor and invaluable special effects, Gunn has designed a world that gives just the right shiver.

How did he do it? By crafting a film that's part monster movie, part zombie flick and all dark comedy, the writer makes a foray into directing that is a celebration of all things queasy. A former colleague of legendary horror camp filmmaker Lloyd Kaufman of Troma Entertainment (The Toxic Avenger, Class of Nuke 'Em High fame), Gunn cut his teeth writing films such as cult favorite Tromeo & Juliet, a beautiful love story about body piercing, kinky sex and car crashes…and William Shakespeare.

Gunn tackled the re-imagining of George Romero's classic with 2004's horror hit Dawn of the Dead. Flawlessly executing that script (and winning over legions of horror fans), Gunn knew his next step was to write and direct his own film and blend humor and terror like rarely before. In the process, he could introduce a new audience to a timehonored genre and satisfy fans underfed on contemporary horror and undercooked remakes.

By folding together prosthetic effects with computer technology in Slither, Gunn has helmed a nostalgic monsterpiece. In a love story so disgusting, shocking and humorous, he spins a tale of a small town infected by an alien slug plague that takes many forms and brings out the worst in people. And he does it all with an interlaced creepiness and humor that will make the faintest of heart burst out laughing while he cringes in fear.

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