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About The Production
FRIENDS WITH MONEY is the third feature film from writer/director Nicole Holofcener and further continues her look at contemporary mores and relationships after her previous "Walking and Talking” (1996) and "Lovely and Amazing” (2002). Holofcener's prior two films earned her considerable critical and audience acclaim for their femme centric look at contemporary life. In "Friends with Money,” Holfcener puts the questions front and center – how people treat one of the most important - and least discussed – dilemmas of modern life…money and the lack of it.

"Among my friends, we all talk about it from time to time, but not directly. How tricky it is between friends – whether you borrow money, whether you envy your more affluent friends, or pity the ones that are in need of it. I eventually found myself talking to my friends a lot about it. Everyone's in denial about how important it can be. We're all sort of messed up about it. Out of those conversations, I was inspired to write and make this film,” asserts the filmmaker.

For her feature, Holofcener was able to gather a prominent cast of actors - Jennifer Aniston, Frances McDormand, Joan Cusack and Catherine Keener play the four intrepid, lifelong friends whose relationships go through various permutations in their search to support each other. It's not that any of the women are abjectly poor, to the contrary, but they have varied financial and personal dealings within their group. In a prior rime, financial disparities might have prevented these four from being friends at all. But these days, money slips through the class system more fluidly, and so these four have friendship uniting them, and money dividing them.

The crisis begins when Olivia (Jennifer Aniston) quits her teaching job and takes to cleaning houses for a living. "I truly loved this script and this character,” Aniston observes on the film's set. "This script was just one of those great reads – easy and funny. Nicole just writes such great characters that are fun to play. Olivia is in that point in her life where she has no direction whatsoever. She's not quite sure where she's going and I think that we can all relate to that.”

Among Olivia's circle of friends are three couples – Jane (Frances McDormand) and Aaron (Simon McBurney) successful designers, Christine (Catherine Keener) and her husband Patrick (Jason Isaacs) who as screenwriting partners find their personal and professional lives too intertwined, and Franny (Joan Cusack) and Matt (Greg Germann) the really wealthy pair whose united front may be crumbling a bit…but then again, maybe not. Through these couples Holofcener explores the ideas of people reacting to each other's crises and needs.

Frances McDormand describes her character as a woman in menopause mode. "Nicole has written a role that is probably one of the richest, most fully recognizable characters I've ever played. Menopause in not an overnight event (in a woman's life). It can take years. And it's a kind of hormonal activity that makes you crazy and not interested in sitting in chairs, but instead you want to walk around a lot. You really get tired of doing things like combing your hair and being socially nice. You say things out of turn or get too loud and opinionated at times. You experience those kinds of things…and that's where we come in on with Jane.”

Simon McBurney who plays her husband Aaron also sees the complexity of their relationship. "Jane is in a period in her life where she's not at all certain as to what is going on. She's trying to work a lot of stuff out. But Aaron is unsure himself even though he's incredibly sympathetic to all that. Theirs is an instinctive relationship, yet he's frustrated within it and maybe open to trying to explore outside it.”

Catherine Keener – who starred in Holofcener's previous two films – is pl


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