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Costumes And Music
While Haley has grown comfortable wearing her signature trucker cap, vintage rock tees, and sporting her ever-present Gameboy, it doesn't take long before she must don a dreaded leotard once again.

In designing the wardrobe for STICK IT, costume designer Carol Ramsey immersed herself in the world of gymnastics. No stranger to sports-themed films, Ramsey also designed costumes for "Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story” and the wrestling comedy, "Ready to Rumble.” Most recently, she lent her talents to the blockbuster comedy sequel, "Meet the Fockers.”

"I'd never had any experience with the gymnastics world, so I really had to learn about it,” she explains. This led to several questions as she began her research: "What's important to gymnasts in terms of comfort? What is the style of the world? The gymnastics world has a really specific style that I didn't realize was so glam. There are lots of rhinestones and all this new metallic spandex. Some of these leotards you put on and it makes it look like you've got a metal body.”

Ramsey spent time at gymnastics competitions to take notes on everything, from what the gymnasts were wearing to what the judges and college recruiters had on. "It's all this business of learning the world and seeing what's appropriate visually and making sure that the gymnasts are comfortable in their clothing—because that's the most important thing when you're doing such an intense physical activity.”

Ramsey collaborated closely with production designer Bruce Curtis on fulfilling Bendinger's desire that the color scheme that would help define each character. For the most part, Haley (camouflage), Joanne (pink), Mina (blue/yellow) and Wei Wei (green) had distinctive, recurring colors for their wardrobe, all of which had to play against the backdrop of the various sets and sport facilities. According to Ramsey, "Early on, we got together and talked about what leotards would look good on each set or at each competition. For instance, at the Finals, I really wanted the stark white of the track suits to set them off against the blue of the set, and it really set the four girls apart from all the other girls and their colors.”

Ramsey also strove to create unique pieces not ordinarily seen in the world of gymnastics. "The idea of the camouflage leotards and the flame leotards worn during the second day at the Finals was something that moves beyond the normal world of gymnastics and into the glam world,” she explains. "You don't see camouflage leotards and you don't see a lot of neon in gymnastics. We really wanted a progression from simple, true-to-the-world wardrobe at the beginning to these glamorous looks that take you to a whole world of heightened reality at the end.”

Rock It

Anyone who's ever been to a gym—gymnastic or otherwise—knows the vital role that music plays in an athlete's life…just try 20 minutes on a treadmill without it. For gymnasts especially, music serves as background to training and a running score that punctuates floor exercises. Bendinger and her filmmaking team knew that any feature film set in the current world of gymnastics would need some rocking music—and involved Grammy winners and newcomers alike, selecting just the right tunes to accompany the story of Haley's return to the world she thought she had escaped.

Team STICK IT scored high when six-time Grammy winner Missy Elliott signed on, providing not only the third and latest single of off her most recent album, "The Cookbook,” as the film's theme song—"We Run This”—but also shooting a video for the single with long-time collaborator Dave Meyers. (Elliott and Meyers recently picked up the 2005 Grammy for Best Short Form Music Video for Elliott's smash single "Lose Control.”) The video for "We Run This” features Elliott as a gymnast, training for a championship meet, workin


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