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Lindsay Lohan shot to worldwide attention after having grown up before the camera – from her feature film debut as precocious estranged siblings in "The Parent Trap” to the acclaimed comedies "Freaky Friday” and "Mean Girls.” JUST MY LUCK's Ashley Albright represents the actress' first adult lead. "It's a great story about coming of age and I thought it would be the perfect part for me to transition into adult roles,” says Lohan.

"Ashley has got her head on straight and she's determined, which I think is great,” Lohan continues. "But she has never been tested; she has never known what it's like to really work for something and through that experience learn what life is.”

"Lindsay has such a warm and likable screen presence that you can't begrudge her character's initial good fortune,” says co-screenwriter Amy B. Harris. "When Ashley is down on her luck and her life is literally falling down around her, Lindsay is able to bring a real sense of fun and broad physical comedy while still showing vulnerability.”

Director Donald Petrie felt Lohan's performances in "Freaky Friday” and "Mean Girls” revealed a budding comedienne within her striking beauty. "Lindsay has a sparkling comedic talent,” he says. "Her ability to make physical comedy flow so naturally while also being funny and charming, makes her an absolute joy to have in front of the camera.”

Petrie has directed numerous actresses in breakout comedic roles, such as Kate Hudson in "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,” Sandra Bullock in "Miss Congeniality,” and Julia Roberts in "Mystic Pizza.” "I loved those movies,” says Lohan. "I love comedy and I really wanted to work with Donald on this film.”

Lohan found some of the physical comedy more challenging than she'd imagined. "You don't realize how hard it can be until you're actually there,” she says. "You're reading the script and you say, ‘Oh, that'll be so much fun to do,' but then you perform the action or stunt, and that's the hard part. But it's fun when you can just let go and free yourself. It's like therapy in a way.”

Lohan's on-screen leading man, Chris Pine, appreciated Petrie's flair for physical comedy. "You know when Donald gives you direction that he knows exactly what he's doing.”

Pine ("Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement”) plays Jake, who works at a rock-‘n'-roll bowling alley while nurturing dreams of someday making it as a record producer. "Jake is a guy from a small town who finally made it to New York City and is swimming upstream with thunderstorms and lightning to make it,” Pine says.

"Jake is an unlucky schlub of a guy who, once it all turns around, you still believe will be dashing and charismatic without being arrogant about his good fortune,” adds co-producer Marjorie Shik. Pine came to the filmmakers' attention during video tests of young actors, from which he immediately stood out. "Donald saw something in Chris's eyes that was about heart and warmth,” remembers producer Arnold Rifkin. "He approached the role with a wonderful, admirable spirit.”

"I think the saving grace of Jake is that he's honest and optimistic,” Pine says. Jake's relationship to 10-year-old Katy (Makenzie Vega, the young Nancy in "Sin City”) adds a dimension to his character that makes him instantly likable. "Jake has accepted his rather unfortunate plight in life,” says producer Rifkin, "being broke, looking after his young neighbor and cousin, Katy and helping her with her homework. He's not angry. He has no concept of fate. He didn't look for luck. He's just assumed Murphy's Law.”

"Katy's his best friend,” says Pine. "In fact, she's his only friend. Jake's luck is so bad that he has no friends his age. Their relationship was easy for me to relate to because I have a wonderful sister I'm really close to who also happens to be named Katie.”

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