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About The Production
THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA is based on the internationally best-selling novel by Lauren Weisberger, which spent six months on The New York Times bestseller list and was translated into 27 languages.

In the film, two-time Oscar® winner Meryl Streep is Miranda Priestly, the reigning queen of fashion whose whims can start and end careers.

Director David Frankel, who explored the vagaries of fashion and celebrity in the landmark series "Sex in the City” and "Entourage,” says that instead of making the obvious choice to demonize Miranda, he preferred "to explore Miranda's relentless pursuit of excellence in a serious way,” he says. "And how many sacrifices she must make to excel.

"There are lots of famous women who are successful on the level of Miranda Priestly, and it is very easy to criticize them because they put their work first,” Frankel continues. "Men are rarely criticized for that.”

Miranda has made hard sacrifices to make it to the top and stay there. Love her or hate her (with most underlings falling into the "hate” category), no one can deny she is the primary architect of a formidable empire. "Miranda has an incredible amount of power in the marketplace,” says Meryl Streep. "She's a taste- and trend-maker and therefore a market-setter. She functions with a lot of pressure, and she runs a very tight ship.”

Streep's Miranda, Frankel points out, skates the edge between the comically mean and the genuinely sad. "A key part of Meryl's incredible talent is the ability to blend comedy and drama,” he says. "She can find what's funny in the real so that it never feels forced.”

Streep plunged headlong into all the accoutrements that surround Miranda. "When we first met her I gave her a huge three-ringed binder full of research regarding the movie and fashion,” recalls producer Wendy Finerman. "It included fashion industry facts, figures, and photos, and I thought, ‘Oh God, she's going to laugh at me.' But instead she said, ‘That's fantastic! Do you have any more?' She read everything she could get her hands on. It was just amazing.”

Finding a good assistant who can live up to Miranda's high expectations is a near impossible task. That changes when the smart, unfashionable Andy Sachs walks into her office.

Anne Hathaway, the breakout star of "The Princess Diaries,” and who had a key role in "Brokeback Mountain,” portrays Andy, a journalism student who believes she can change the world after leaving the comforts of Northwestern University and landing in the big city.

Andy, says Frankel, "is on a journey that we all take when we get our first jobs and discover what the real world is like. We're faced with ethical and moral choices that we never considered, and we learn about ourselves.” Hathaway adds, "If you're over age 21, you've probably had some of Andy's experiences.”

In the distorted aesthetics of the New York fashion scene, a size 6 like Andy stands out. "She is a beautiful girl who is not model-thin, which is an important distinction for this character,” says Frankel. Hathaway embodied Andy with grace and humor. "Anne is funny and will do things in a way that not a lot of actors could do,” Finerman adds, "and every time she does so, it is fresh and new. She finds the funny and never holds back.”

Andy interviews with a New York publishing giant, hoping to secure a junior writing position at one of its prestige publications. The only two openings, however, are at Auto Universe – or as Miranda Priestly's assistant. With her impressive resume in hand, Andy braves the halls of Runway, a magazine she never reads, weaving through a sea of Clackers.

Andy's first moments with Miranda are a soul-crushing disaster. Judged simply by her cotton blend sweater and shapeless skirt, Andy is dismissed with a wave of Miranda's hand. But Andy doesn't take no for an answer. She may not be the best-dressed girl in the<


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