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The uproarious results of it all can be seen in Debbie Isitt's witty and affectionate comedy, CONFETTI, in which a cast of leading British comic actors were given complete creative freedom to improvise and ad-lib their roles –all without ever knowing what anyone else in the cast might do or say. To prepare for the unprecedented shoot, the cast took part in "workshops,” where they plunged head first into their characters by putting them in real-life situations, developing their quirks, foibles and dreams on the fly.

This mock documentary takes sly, spontaneous and playful peek at the most hilarious aspects of human behavior under pressure. But Isitt brings her own uniquely British humor, buoyant style and fascination with wedding weirdness to the mix to create a romantic comedy unlike any other.

As the competition kicks off, the tension is unbearable, the rivalry is cut-throat and yet . . . somewhere love is in the air. The three couples competing include the tuneless Matt and Sam whose unfortunate wedding theme is Hollywood musicals; the hypercompetitive tennis duo Josef and Isabelle who believe it doesn't matter how you play the game so as long as you win; and the nudists Michael and Joanna, the magazine owner's top pick after a few cocktails, whose desire to wed in their birthday suits has everyone in an uproar. As each couple's sweetly self-deluded dreams of wedding bliss careen out of control, the operative question becomes not so much "who will win?” as "will any of the couples survive?”

CONFETTI's ensemble cast includes such popular British performers as Martin Freeman (THE HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY, LOVE ACTUALLY, "The Office"), Jessica Stevenson (SHAUN OF THE DEAD, SPACED, THE ROYLE FAMILY), Stephen Mangan (GREEN WING), Felicity Montagu (I'M ALAN PARTRIDGE), award-winning comedian Jimmy Carr in his first screen performance and Alison Steadman (TOPSY-TURVY, LIFE IS SWEET). Punctuating the cast are also a number of non-actors, including a real–life lawyer, tennis coach and plastic surgeon.

Conceived and directed by Debbie Isitt, the film is produced by Ian Flooks and Ian Benson.

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