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Meet The Contestants
Through an extensive process and after a few drinks at lunch, our magazine's editors have narrowed down the wedding competition's contestants to three very special, and soon to be three exceptionally stressed-out, couples:



An ordinary, hard-working and lovey-dovey duo who adore music and drama, Matt and Sam's wedding is complicated not only by the fact that they can't dance or sing but also by Matt's Best Man, the indie rocker Snoopy (MARC WOOTTON), who pens such inspirational tunes as "Still Ill” for their nuptials; as well as Sam's meddlesome mother (ALISON STEADMAN) and cruise-ship dancer sister (SARAH HADLAND), who hopes to make her choreography debut. 

Couple # 2: Josef (STEPHEN MANGAN) and Isabelle (MEREDITH MACNEILL)


A pair of obsessively competitive athletes, the tennis-loving couple of Josef and Isabelle is determined to triumph over their wedding rivals, no matter what it takes. However, their lavishly planned, Wimbledon-inspired ceremony, complete with dancing ball boys, soon runs into its own set of difficulties, including Josef's uncontrollable jealousy of Isabelle's all too hands-on coach Jesus (reallife tennis coach JESUS DE MIGUEL) and Isabelle's fateful quest for a more perfect nose. 

Couple #3: Michael (ROBERT WEBB) and Joanna (OLIVIA COLMAN) 


Michael and Joanna's plans to marry in the au natural leads to plenty of controversy, not only with Confetti Magazine's editor, but between the seldom-clothed couple who are used to revealing everything to their fellow naturalists at the Summerland resort . . . . but not to the world. Dubbed "Nudie One and Nudie Two” by Josef and Isabelle, the couple has their own way of approaching everything, including their Bacchanalian wedding ceremony, replete with fig leaves. 

Helping the happy couples plan for their big day are two of England's most decorated (and disaster-prone) wedding planners: the unabashedly over-the-top team of Archibald Heron (VINCENT FRANKLIN) and Gregory Hough (JASON WATKINS) – who themselves become wrapped up in the drama of each of the weddings as they attempt to choreograph feuding families, dodge spontaneous fist-fights and clothe the determinedly nude.

CONFETTI stands out as one of the film world's very first entirely improvised romantic comedies. It all began when British filmmaker Debbie Isitt was inspired to create an ad-lib comedy piece surrounding one of our contemporary society's most rabid obsessions: creating stupendously glamorous "dream” weddings. In a world in which the average U.S. wedding now costs $25,000 and upwards, Isitt saw at hand an inherently humorous topic – competitive wedding planning – and she quickly developed a basic framework: a tale of three couples competing to create the ultimate dream wedding around three themes rife with comic possibilities – sports, nudism and Hollywood musicals.

"I became interested in weddings as a subject because my sister had just gotten married and spent an exorbitant amount of money and was very stressed about the whole thing,” recalls the director. "On the day of the ceremony, she put some drops in her eyes so she might feel prettier and over the course of the next few hours, she went temporarily blind. Her eyes swelled up with some kind of allergic reaction and by the end of her wedding day, after so much effort, she literally couldn't see. I just thought it was a very poetic story, and it was like, hmmm, there's something very interesting about weddings!”

Thus intrigued by the strange twists and turns of dream weddings and the massive wedding business (a $72 billion a year business in the US alone), Isitt delved into a bit

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